The Kunlun Glass Upgrade

The Kunlun Glass Upgrade: The tenacious innovation behind HUAWEI Mate50 Pro success is now available for a line-up of Huawei flagship devices in the UAE

From January 1st till February 28th, 2023 don’t miss this amazing promotion from HUAWEI Service that ads unbreakable benefits for select P and Mate series flagship users in the UAE, starting 269AED.

Along with its futuristic features, such as the Iconic Symmetrical Space Ring design and the Ultra Aperture XMAGE camera, the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro also introduced the Kunlun Glass screen, one of the most exciting features of the flagship. The recent study reveals that more than two thirds of all after-sales maintenance cases have display damage. A simple crack on the glass is often enough to warrant a repair, or even result in the replacement of the entire screen, middle frame and even the battery. Huawei engineers created the Kunlun Glass to resolve this “pain-point” for consumers. In developing the Kunlun Glass, Huawei engineers were inspired by the robust features of reinforced concrete structures. Further research revealed that the load-bearing walls of traditional buildings could maintain a stable structure even if the surface is damaged after adding a strengthening layer. To apply the same technique to smartphone screens, they figured out a way of introducing a large number of nanocrystals into the glass to form a dense supporting structure to improve the resistance. Thus, the Kunlun Glass coating consists of 10 quadrillion such nanocrystals, made possible by composite ion strengthening, 24-hour nanocrystal growth at high temperatures, 108-step micro-crystalline matrix material and panel processing techniques, and 1600℃ platinum smelting technology, which boosts the glass’ durability.

To reward its smartphone users in the UAE, HAUWEI Service has announced amazing user-benefit campaigns – The Kunlun Glass Upgrade Service. Now select P and Mate Series users can enjoy one of the most thought after features of HUAWEI Mate50 Pro and upgrade their devices screen to Kunlun Glass – certified by the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company SGS Switzerland with first ever 5 stars glass drop resistance certification. Starting from 269AED, extra 10% discount is available from till February 28th, 2023 at HUAWEI Authorized Service Center Sky Tower, Dubai.

For any additional information, the users are requested call Huawei hotline line 80066600 or log-in MyHUAWEI App to get in touch with Huawei’s product support service that provides technical assurance to Huawei customers.

[1] To be eligible for the screen outer glass replacement, the device  must meet the following requirements: the screen outer glass is cracked but the inner screen is intact, the device has not been dismantled or repaired by unauthorized. Parties; the device is not bent; and it has no liquid damage

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