Maison Monaco Salon at Mercato Launches its Unique Women Pampering Experience 

Maison Monaco Salon at Mercato Launches its Unique Women Pampering Experience 

Maison Monaco salon located in the heart of Jumeirah at Mercato mall is a unique beauty spot, like no other. Inspired by neoclassic style house is the south of France the place where you can fully dedicate time to yourself.

“Our mission is to help women cultivate a more positive and caring relationship with themselves,” said Vincenzo Spina, one of the founders of Maison Monaco. “And in turn, have a positive influence on the world around.”

Maison Monaco at Mercato, has launched unique pampering experience for their guests recently. Focused to bring relaxation and care in the time of “No Time”. During one hour you can be pampered from head to toes by the team of highly professional specialists.

“We were always focused on bringing Solutions to each guest’s concerns. Nowadays time is precious like never before for a modern woman in Dubai. We take it as a challenge: no matter how busy you are, our team of experts will make sure that you look fabulous & save your time,” confirms Natalya Sitnikova, Creative Director and manager of Maison Monaco.

Professional care, Luxury and Green beauty is all you need to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with yourself. All brands and products are carefully selected in order to cover your needs and pamper your senses.

Truly professional and friendly team will exceed your expectations! You are welcome to have an experience of true care.

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