The passion for kiwi told by those who grow it and those who produce and promote it in the world-Deliciously Human

Deliciously HumanThe passion for kiwi told by those who grow it and those who produce and promote it in the world

Fresh Up Your Life! – top quality European fruit and veg, the EU-funded CSO project presents a new digital campaign format: a series of videos where the companies involved in the project narrate their passion for the products.

Dubai, 27th January 2023 – “Fresh Up Your Life! top quality European fruit and veg”, the project funded by the European Union and CSO Italy, has released a new digital campaign that narrate the passion for the products through the voice of the growers.

Another piece of the communication and promotional activities of “Fresh Up Your Life” which until 2025 will continue to spread the culture and support European fruit and vegetable products among consumers and businesses in the United Arab Emirates (and in the USA), highlighting their quality, flavor, safety and healthiness, values that are guaranteed by strict production specifications. The following Italian companies are also participating in the project: Apofruit Italia, Cico-Mazzoni, Conserve Italia, Lagnasco Group, Oranfrizer, Origine, Unacoa.

Sixty seconds on social media channels focusing on the project’s partner companies, their products and the territory of production. The videos are genuine cinematic portraits that genuinely and authentically express the passion behind the quality of Italian fruit and vegetable productions in the company’s own words. As a result of this artistic and, at the same time, human character, the campaign has been entitled “Deliciously Human“.

These companies and the people who work there are representing Italy and have made this goal a daily commitment, accompanying us on this journey.  Like Apofruit, for example, whose two videos are dedicated to the kiwi fruit, showing the passion that Italian fruit and vegetable companies put into producing this globally-exported product.  These companies collaborate with hundreds of farmers from the North to the South of Italy and it is precisely the trust established with them that has driven local products to international success. In the first video Stefano, a farmer and kiwi grower who grew up in the fields, where he inherited the passion handed down by his family from one generation to the next, and today after all these years he knows the secret of growing the best kiwi. How? By working in complete harmony with nature: the secret, he says, is to talk to the plants, respect them, listen to the delicate sound emanating under the wind coming from the Adriatic Sea which then rises towards the Apennines… it is hard to explain and trying it is a unique experience!  

In the second video, with Mirco, Commercial and Marketing Director of Apofruit we discover what motivates him every day to produce this fruit which represents the heart and soul of his region and is today an international symbol of authenticity and genuineness. In fact, in terms of production, Italy is the European leader for kiwi growing with 330,150 tons in 2020, of which 246,824 tons (equal to 75% of the total) are produced by CSO Italy.

The “Deliciously Human” campaign gives voice to the passion of fruit and vegetable growers, bringing them to life for viewers through the story of those who produce them

Deliciously Human: Stefano Giuliani (Apofruit) – YouTube

Deliciously Human: Mirco Zanelli (Apofruit) – YouTube

About CSO Italy

CSO ITALY, founded in 1998, is leading Italia consortium that associates many of the important Italian in fruit and vegetables companies. CSO involve all the fruit and vegetable supply chain, from packaging, to logistics, to processing, to machinery and distribution. Fresh Up your life! – top quality European fruit and veg is the new project funded by the European Union and CSO Italy to promote the culture of fresh fruit and vegetables in the United States of America and the United Arab Emirates, with a focus on the ones that are produced in Italy.

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