GROHE expands Saudi footprint with largest-ever showroom of its kind in partnership with Bayt Alebaa, Jeddah

GROHE expands Saudi footprint with largest-ever showroom of its kind in partnership with Bayt Alebaa, Jeddah

Jeddah, KSA; 19th January 2023: As part of its ambitious growth strategy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, GROHE is partnering with Bayt Alebaa to showcase its latest breakthroughs, reiterating its commitment to Saudi Arabia’s transformation, and contributing to its vibrant economic diversification. ​GROHE, one of the global leaders in complete bathroom and kitchenfittings is partnering with Bayt Alebaa, Jeddah – the Kingdom’s go-to destination for ceramics, marble, kitchens and sanitaryware. This is the first-of-its-kind showroom featuring GROHE’s exquisite designs, innovative sustainability solutions, and advanced technology.

The partnership with Bayt Alebba is another strategic step by GROHE as it expands its presence in the Kingdom. The showroom will showcase GROHE’s GET collection of faucets available exclusively at Bayt Alebba. In addition, consumers and businesses in the Kingdom will have access to GROHE’s range of bestselling bath and kitchen solutions that have been specifically designed to meet sustainability and design standards, with their contemporary design and future-oriented functions.

Fawzi Dernaika, Leader, KSA, LIXILEMENA, said: “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Bayt Alebaa in Jeddah, which will enable our customers to experience the beauty, elegance and cutting-edge innovation that defines GROHE’s products. Saudi Arabia’s rapid economic progress is spurred by new projects in real estate, hospitality, and public infrastructure. We are proud to support this strategic growth with a strengthened product portfolio for consumers as well as the commercial and residential sector, which will be showcased at Jeddah. Our vision is centered on delivering some of the smartest and most innovative solutions for our customers in KSA and beyond.”

With the launch of GROHE’s partnership with Bayt Alebba, many Saudi consumers can now enjoy access to GROHE products that champion sustainable and responsible water consumption. GROHE’s Saudi expansion is also aligned with the Kingdom’s key objectives in Saudi Vision 2030 to reach net zero by 2060 through new investments in energy and water conserving technologies. GROHE’s range of products offers contemporary designs adapted to suit modern lifestyles and sustainability demands – such as touchless faucets that can reduce water consumption by up to 70% and contribute significantly towards green accreditation. In the last ten years alone, GROHE has received over 300 design and innovation awards as well as several top rankings as one of Germany’s most sustainable large brands.

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GROHEisaleadingglobalbrandforcompletebathroomsolutionsandkitchenfittingsandhasatotalofover6,500employees in 150 countries – 2,600 of them are based in Germany. Since 2014 GROHE has been part of thestrong brand portfolio of the Japanese manufacturer of pioneering water and housing products LIXIL. In order tooffer“PureFreudeanWasser”,everyGROHEproductisbasedonthebrandvaluesofquality,technology,designand sustainability. Renowned highlights such as GROHE Eurosmart or the GROHE thermostat series as well asgroundbreaking innovations such as the GROHE Blue water system underline the brand’s profound expertise.

Focused on customer needs, GROHE thus creates intelligent, life-enhancing and sustainable product solutionsthat offer relevant added value – and bear the “Made in Germany” seal of quality: R&D and design are firmlyanchored as an integrated process in Germany. GROHE takes its corporate responsibility very seriously andfocuses on a resource-saving value chain. Since April 2020, the sanitary brand has been producing CO2-neutralworldwide.GROHEhasalso setitselfthegoalofusingplastic-freeproductpackagingby2021.

In the past ten years alone, more than 460 design and innovation awards as well as several top rankings at theGerman Sustainability Award have confirmed GROHE’s success: GROHE was the first in its industry to win theCSR Award of the German Federal Government and was also featured in the renowned Fortune®magazine’srankingof Top50that are“ChangingtheWorld”.


LIXILmakespioneeringwaterandhousingproductsthatsolveeveryday,real-lifechallenges,makingbetterhomesa reality for everyone, everywhere. Drawing on our Japanese heritage, we create world-leading technology andinnovate to make high quality products that transform homes. But the LIXIL difference is how we do this; throughmeaningfuldesign,anentrepreneurialspirit,adedicationtoimprovingaccessibilityforallandresponsiblebusinessgrowth.Ourapproachcomestolifethroughindustryleadingbrands,includingINAX,GROHE,AmericanStandardandTOSTEM.Over60,000colleaguesoperatinginmorethan150countriesareproudtomakeproductsthattouchthelives ofmorethanabillionpeopleeveryday.

About Bait Al Ebaa

Bait Al Ebaa is a specialized company that provides the best cladding and finishing solutions since the mid eightes as it follows the concept of “Raising the quality of life in society”. Bait Al Ebaa provides a unique finishing and building experience that gives its customers the space to express themselves and their unique choices based in the latest lines and best materials in the market.

The range of products offered by Bait Al Ebaa to customers includes: sanitary ware, ceramic and porcelain, Italian kitchens, decoration, parquet, wallpaper, installation materials, in addition to the interior design department, which plays the role of meeting customer needs directly.

The company attracts the most important brands around the world to put them all under one roof in its showrooms around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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