Dedicated and Devoted Goal can be achieve in Dubai : Dr Ruzanna Ghazaryan

Dubai is a wonderful place with its most advance infrastructure and the professionalism in every sector that you can bring a big dream and fulfill as it is hard but not difficult especially when you have ‘Halal’ competition in every field. The government is supportive, infrastructure is intact, rules and regulations are favorable and no one is pulling one’s legs.

This was stated by Dr Ruzanna Ghazaryan, entrepreneur, business advisor and managing partner Al Biraa Clinic, Dubai and ready to expand her business with the opening of second clinic in Silicon Oasis area soon to provide highly professional aesthetic services both surgical and medical.

She is reading in Dubai over one decade and started her career as marketing job even though she had threeMasters. Within the 3-years, she showed her passion in the presence of highly competitive market and offered a partnership in the same clinic.

“I was born and raised in a conservative family in Armenia. I graduated from State University of Yerevan Medical School in 2005 and obtained first Master in Radiology, followed by a Master in Dermatology. I visited Dubai first time in 2010 as a tourist with my Family. We had no idea of Dubai with its modern lifestyle of residents enjoying a very happy life as it was a big surprise and I fell in love with Dubai. It was shocking to me as I was visiting first time to a Muslim country and saw the open people, culture and lifestyle besides the standards in everywhere especially in healthcare were so high,” she said.

She was already practicing and excited to explore the local (Dubai) healthcare sector. “When I came again in 2010, I started roaming one hospital to another and saw modern equipment, highly professional staff and top standard. I started meeting doctors and staff to know more about the local healthcare sector as I had idea that the future is bright in this growing sector and conceived the idea of moving and working in Dubai. Initially I had facing some difficulties to choose a job as I had many interviews and offers but ended up at this clinic to accept the marketing job. Slowly I move forward with learning and growing and within 3-years became partner and started investing,” she added.

She like the way of day-to-day affairs at the clinic and continue it with new motives, new ideas, new technologies and new standards. “We are a scientific research products used in our clinic as we are up-to-date with all the modern innovations and developments in the treatment and medicines.”

“I found Dubai very interesting as whatever you want to be you can as everything is here. I love Dubai genuinely as nothing is especial with me but I love what I do,” she said.

“During the last decades, we have clients from various Africa countries and India who flew Dubai on their private jets to get a range of aesthetic services both surgical and medical from our clinic and we grew a lot a developed an exclusive clientele in these two markets,” Dr Ruzanna added.

Clients in different countries around the world are exclusively receiving treatment from the doctors and experts of Al Biraa Clinic who visited their hometowns as exclusive service which was one of the biggest successful for Dr Ruzanna’s clinic.

Responding a question, she said that the government is extremely supportive and offering ease in business and we are optimistic to get more support to bring more benefits for business owners especially in the healthcare sector.

As part of its expansion, the clinic has developed a range of high quality affordable skincare products which are currently manufacture in the USA to fulfill the growing demands in USA, Europe, African and Indian markets as our prime target. “But we witness huge demand in local market for our skincare products looking for manufacturing in the UAE to fulfill the growing demands,” she added.

As her future plan, she said that they are looking new opportunities in agriculture field of organic food with less cost as her father has good expertise in it. “We have the technology and the expertise to grow wheat in soil like the UAE as our new business in food sector. We are working on it and ready to grab any chance with local partnership,” she said.

“However, many people from different parts of the world wants to start business or work in the UAE and seeking professional advice. Being in the country for over one decade and working in a profession like medical, I think we can avail this opportunity to open a consultation firm in the UAE,” she added as her expansion plan in a new field.

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