Training karate champions, one kick and punch at a time

Training karate champions, one kick and punch at a time

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Jan 13, 2023 – At the recently held 18th JKS National Karate Championship 2023 at Shabab Alalhli club Dubai , UAE, participants witnessed great energy and resilience from the kids training at Ocean Kids in Dubai.

Out of the 14 kids participating, every kid performed with great zeal and enthusiasm. Under the able guidance and mentorship of Coach Samthrupth Nair,  the kids were awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals at the most coveted national championship of the UAE.

“Training kids with the right technique and attitude is my passion. I am continuously focusing on perfectionism and training the kids. Winners are not born overnight, they are vigorously trained here at Ocean Kids.” said Sam Nair as he is fondly called by his children.

“Both my kids enjoy learning Karate from the master trainer Sam Nair. Children are not only comfortable in his classes but are also taught how to move out of their comfort zone to perform better.” said a parent.

On asking, what is the one message he would like to share with budding karate trainees, Sam added, “Learn from your mistakes, make adjustments, and go out and compete again. That’s the mark of sportsmanship.

Every time we train Kumite we learn a lot of techniques.  Fighting is not easy as we have to push our limits and train hard every day. A good coach and dedicated students can achieve everything they set their hearts and hands to.”

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