Aamara in VOCO Hotel Sheikh Zayed Road 

Award-Winning Trèsind Team Opens Aamara in VOCO Hotel Sheikh Zayed Road 

Taking you on a culinary journey through the ancient trading routes known today as the Silk Route

Dubai United Arab Emirates: Passion F&B group behind the Award-winning restaurant Trèsind and Michelin Star restaurant Tresind Studio has opened a new fine dining restaurant  ‘Aamara’ in VOCO Hotel Sheikh Zayed Road- a place where lux and magnificence merge. 

This newest licensed restaurant on Dubai’s culinary map is the epitome of fine dining and culinary extraordinaire where it takes you on a culinary journey through the ancient trading route- from the Far East to the Mediterranean region known today as the Silk Route. 

The name Aamara has multiple meanings in multiple languages. In Arabic, it translates to Forever Beautiful; in Sanskrit – being immortal; in Latin – everlasting; and in most parts of Africa – Grace.  

Paired with a selection of in-house crafted finest beverages menu, Aamara takes pride in displaying the flavours promised to  take you on an unparalleled culinary voyage. With Chef Malik Basha at its helm, dishes at Aamara are a work of art and an expression of patience, richness, quality, and master blend. The menu inspired by the oldest trading route in the world includes cold plates, small plates, big plates, and sides that span meat, fish, and vegetarian dishes. 

Chef Malik Basha, Executive Chef at Aamara said, “We have embarked on a journey to create a menu that transports historical discoveries from the Silk Routes and fascinations into a new and evolving modern dining experience. And if you want to discover more about its history and want it to delight you with all its dishes, we are waiting for you at Aamara.” 

Some of the menu highlights include Chaat sundae (from Southern Asia), Crispy okra, Turkish yogurt, pickled onion relish (From Middle East Region), Bang bang cauliflower, saffron yogurt, black truffle , Ratatouille samosa, cherry mozzarella, fried basil (Mediterranean region), Spinach & shrimp dumpling, onion & tomato chutney (Eastern Asia), Malabar shrimp curry en-papillote, lemon rice, Stuffed pimento, Egyptian rice, buttermilk curry, Palak corn burrata, pickled beetroot onion – (fusion of Mediterranean & southern Asia flavors) and more. 

Finish the meal with an eloquent selection of desserts on the menu such as Opera, almond mousse, coffee ice cream, Baklava, pistachio crémeux, rose gelato, Shahi Tukra, saffron ice cream and more. 

Keep your cameras ready. Every dish brought to the table will wow you. Whether it’s the presentation or the live cooking theatricals, the team at Aamara is determined to offer you an elevated dining experience to cherish. 

Bhupender Nath, Founder & CEO of Passion F&B Group says,”Passion F&B always strives hard to elevate the Indian cuisine experience. After having launched the successful Indian cuisine restaurants- Tresind, Tresind Studio, Carnival by Tresind, Avatara, we are set for a journey inspired by the oldest trading route and popularly known as The Silk Route. Food has always been a binding factor among the different cultures. Taking that inspiration ahead, our team has curated a bespoke experience for an evolved culinary palette of Dubai residents.”  

To offer a small taste of their vast delicacies, Aamara is running a limited period ‘Lunch Set Menu.’ For the cost of AED 95++, this set menu offers 5-Course which includes their Hummus, fresh za’atar pesto, onion focaccia as Amuse Bouche and Aamara finger salad, lettuce cream, pomegranate molasses in Salad, Green chili charcoal chops, garlic mayo, hummus, shoestring fries, and King oyster kushiyaki, tandoori aioli, chives, and garlic chips as Starters. For the Main Course, immerse in the rich Palak corn, Bocconcini, beetroot pickled beetroot onion or Lamb nihari. End your set menu with some Sorbet and Dulce Pannacotta, katafi pastry, and cream cheese ice cream for Dessert. 

Address: VOCO Hotel – Level 2 – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Trade Centre – Trade Centre 1 – Dubai

Instagram: @aamara.ae

Website: www.aamara.ae

Contact: 052 573 5723

Timings: 12noon-11.30pm

Cost for Two: AED 500-550

About Passion F&B 

Within a short span of eight years, Passion F&B has been at the forefront of showcasing contemporary Indian food to a global audience, with unique F&B concepts like Avatara, Tresind, Carnival by Tresind, Tresind Studio, Maison De Curry, A Cappella, Aamara, Vdeliver.online and Gala By Tresind, operational across Dubai, and India. The group boasts 9 excellent restaurants, 40 plus awards and 500,000 plus patrons; and all this while ensuring the purity and essence of the cuisine & its dining traditions remain unscathed. 

Continuing its innovative streak and capturing the current market gap for various dining formats, Passion F&B is currently in the process of introducing multiple new concepts of restaurants to its patrons in the Middle East as well as around key global cities. 

About Bhupender Nath 

Founder & Managing Director 

Based on the prospect of elevating the revered Indian cuisine & hospitality while bringing it onto the global culinary center stage, Mr. Bhupender Nath established Passion F&B. 

An avid traveler and a fervent foodie, he has always been inspired by the hospitality industry. Mr. Nath has been named ‘Indian Innovator’ by Entrepreneur ME, ‘F&B Entrepreneur of the Year’ by Entrepreneur ME, and ‘F&B CEO of the Year’ by Caterer ME, among others. 

About Chef Malik Basha

Chef Malik constantly experiments with innovative culinary approaches to ensure that the guests’ senses are fed by intriguing them with unique textures and flavours, interactive live cooking, and a variety of experiences that will have them appreciating the beautiful art behind Mediterranean and Indian cuisine. He is a believer in Food being art and a way of storytelling in itself. Chef Malik’s culinary style draws inspiration from his Indian heritage coupled with skills that he gathered from his seniors and teachers.

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