Mohalla progresses into the next generation of Indian street food with it’s New Menu

Mohalla progresses into the next generation of Indian street food with it’s New Menu

Mon 09, January 2022 Dubai: Mohalla is all set to introduce a new menu on the 10th of January, propelling it into a next-generation perspective of Indian street food. Mohalla means community. It was incepted in 2018 in Dubai but has grown its presence in Riyadh, KSA in 2022. The brand is expanding rapidly in the region. It offers a quirky take on Indian dishes, retaining the essence of its roots and flavors. It represents the spirit of the creative youth of this generation.

Mohalla in Dubai is located in the Dubai Design District, which is the hub of design, art, and fashion that welcomes innovation with arms wide open. With the new menu, Mohalla introduces dishes that are easy and exciting.

To give you a glimpse, the new menu features intriguing dishes like Butter Shrimp with chili peanut pesto, Lamb Chops Vindaloo, Dal Pakwan, and more. The pricing of the menu is super approachable, allowing diners to try more from the menu.

The Brand Chef AdwaitAnantwar has boldly curated a holistic menu, choosing flavor profiles from cuisines and cultures across the Indian subcontinent. One of the highlights of the concept is that it breaks perceptions of Indian food being heavy.

Adwait says,” While curating the menu, our focus has always been on keeping it light, easy, and exciting. We want our diners to leave with a feeling of wanting more for their palate. For example, we have created a pesto thecha for the Butter shrimp, a fascinating twist on the original thecha (a spicy Maharashtrian condiment), making it a heavenly combination of flavor profiles and keeping it very light and easy.

One can also take advantage of ordering from the comfort of your home. Mohalla is available on food delivery platforms like Deliveroo and Talabat, as the same menu will be served there with seasonal offers.

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