Government’s announcement of environment and sustainability as 2023 priorities epitomizes UAE’s foresight: Dake Rechsand

Government’s announcement of environment and sustainability as 2023 priorities epitomizes UAE’s foresight: Dake Rechsand

Impact maker Dake Rechsand lauded the UAE’s foresight following HH Sheikh Mohammed’s announcement of five ‘2023 Priorities’, where sustainability and environment featured at the top

January 09th, 2023, Dubai, UAE: Dake Rechsand, the Dubai-based company specializing in sustainability solutions for desert farming and water conservation, lauded the UAE’s annual announcement of priorities for the new year. HH Sheikh Mohammed, the PM of the UAE and the Ruler of Dubai, after chairing the first cabinet meeting of the new year, announced the nation’s five priorities for 2023. Environmental conservation and sustainability efforts featured at the top of the priority list. 

“Nothing like institutional push when it comes to achieving ambitious goals. At a time when sustainability and climate actions continue to draw scepticism and haphazard measures globally, the UAE’s resounding message is encouraging, to say the least. Though environment and sustainability had witnessed considerable initiatives in the Emirates in recent years, they could truly come of age in 2023,” opined Chandra Dake, CEO of Dake Rechsand. 

The Government’s renewed emphasis on the environment and sustainability can be linked to the nation’s systemic challenges, such as desert lands, limited groundwater resources, agricultural distress, arid/semi-arid climate, and import-heavy food systems. Policymakers have adopted a broad-based approach of mitigation and adaptation measures to address the challenges and concurrently expand on emerging opportunities. Dake Rechsand’s solutions, especially Breathable Sand and IDer harvesting systems, have found takers among both public entities and corporates pursuing sustainability. 

The UN-applauded Breathable Sand — a water-retentive and air-permeable medium that leads to optimal yield with 80% less water input — has found application in desert greening, soil restoration, afforestation, and ecology-preservation initiatives. Likewise, IDer systems are being used to build ‘Sponge Cities’, expansive areas where permeable pavers absorb rainwater and either drain it to proper sewers or store it in underground reservoirs. The harvested rainwater — the purest form of natural water — can reduce unsustainable dependence on desalination plants while alleviating water scarcity.

“TheUAE’sroad to sustainability and net-zero emissions is riddled with multiple, intertwined complexities. Under such a scenario, any plausible solution must reconcile with multiple objectives. The need for such ‘interdisciplinary’ sustainability solutions underpinned our product development. In 2023, building on our existing carbon sequestration and desert greening projects, we will closely collaborate with key stakeholders and work toward achieving HH Sheikh Mohammed’s vision of a green and sustainable UAE,” asserted Chandra Dake. 

Marwan Al Sarkal, Strategic Advisor at Dake Rechsand, echoed the need for multistakeholder participation, adding that because ofinterlinked challenges, knowledge flows and collaborations between different departments are pivotal. “Dake Rechsand has positioned itself firmly at the intersection of food, water, and climate, ensuring that its solutions are in agreement — not in contradiction — with different priorities,” Marwan opined.

As a validation of its solutions, Dake Rechsand was featured in the ‘Green Technology Book 2022: Solutions for Climate Change Adaptations’, a report released on the back of COP27. The sustainability champion is ramping up its efforts in light of the upcoming, UAE-hosted COP28, whose outcomes could potentially chart a new course for global climate actions. While staying committed to the regional cause, Dake Rechsand has expanded its global presence, recently making a foray into the US by partnering with Donald V. Watkins, an impact-led entrepreneur. As part of the partnership, Dake Rechsand will support the greening of four desert regions in the US, keeping the empowerment of Native American Tribes paramount. 

About Dake Rechsand

Dake Rechsand is a leading company in sustainable technologies and nature-based solutions for carbon sequestration. Having a Verra-listed program, Dake Rechsand sets a high standard for climate action and sustainable development. The company has developed innovative solutions for water conservation and sustainable farming, and has been recognized with a Gulf Sustainability Gold Award for Innovations. In 2022, Dake Rechsand has launched a carbon sequestration program of 11 million trees in the GCC region, which is listed on VERRA. With a global presence, the company is making a positive impact on food and water security in water-stressed regions.

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