BNI UAE was recognized and honoured for successful growth across chapters at the BNI Global Convention

BNI UAE was recognized and honoured for successful growth across chapters at the BNI Global Convention

  • BNI Global Convention 2022 was held in Singapore this year and the theme was Bigger, Better, Stronger.
  • More than 2,500 members, directors, and franchisees from more than 75 countries attended the convention.
  • BNI UAE received 2 awards at the Gala Night which is the culmination of the 4-day event

30th December 2022, Dubai, United Arab Emirates:BNI Global Convention 2022 was hosted at the Resorts World Sentosa with approximately over 2,500 foreign delegates and 300 Singapore company owners, making it the organization’s first in-person international event in over two years. The BNI Global Convention 2022, with the theme Bigger Networks, Better Knowledge, and Stronger Businesses, was set not only to boost the visibility of regional company owners and professionals but also to provide them the tools they need to experience amazing development via lifelong learning. The keynote and breakout speakers promoted adaptability and resilience in a post-pandemic environment while offering an unmatched, worldwide platform for effective networking in the international business sphere.

BNI UAE won 2 prestigious awards at the Gala Night which was the culmination of the 4-day event: Having the Highest Member Growth (33%) in 2022, UAE now has 880 members and anticipates surpassing 1,000 members in the region by the end of 2022. Out of more than 1,200 Regions, Central Dubai is one of the Regions and has over 60 members per chapter, making it one of the Top 3 Regions in the world for Chapter Size.

Throughout the four-day convention of the BNI Global 2022, attendees witnessed several noteworthy events, including showcasing members’ businesses, talks, networking opportunities, and award ceremonies. The event concluded with a glamorous and exciting gala dinner.

“We’ve always believed that we’ve got to be the best to get the best, and we are proud and honoured to receive the two most prestigious awards at the BNI Global Convention 2022” states BNI’s National Director Bijay Rajnikantt Shah, Emirates & Qatar. “BNI in the Middle East is a close-knit community of many like-minded professionals sharing referrals as part of a global network and sharpening their skills with exclusive resources,” he adds.

In the last 12 months, BNI members have created over US$19.7 billion in revenue globally through over 13 million recommendations, and in the UAE, they have produced over AED 387 million in revenue through over 50,000 referrals. 20 members attended the Global Convention in Singapore from the UAE.

About BNI:BNI is a 37-year-old business and professional networking organization that allows only one person from each trade or profession to join a chapter. BNI has over 289K members worldwide, in over 75 different countries, from over 300 different types of professions, all of whom have benefited from increased referral business because of BNI.

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