Best Office Lunch for Busy Corporate in Dubai

Is Your Busy Work Schedule Making Eating Healthy Office Lunch Difficult? Now Get Dubai’s Best Office Lunch Options For Your Busy Corporate Life With Meals On Me.

With back-to-back meetings, foregoing office lunch seems to be almost unavoidable. Often, one tends to overlook the importance of nutrition at work. Lack of time and a packed daily calendar pushes the meals at work on the back burner.

Skipping office lunch seems to be the right thing to do when there’re too many tasks at work that need your attention. Not eating meals on time at work can wreak havoc on the body though. To make long story short: don’t skip lunch – you need it every day!

Lunch is often tagged as the forgotten meal of the day. Most of us snack between breakfast and dinner without giving the mid-day meal much importance or thought. But skipping lunch isn’t ideal.

This is what happens when one misses the office lunch –

  • Your afternoon productivity levels drop down.
  • The chances of you over-indulging later are quite high.
  • Blood sugar levels can get affected.
  • Your daily diet can take a hit with key nutrients missing from it.
  • Mood swings and irritability can set in.


Cooking lunch can be daunting especially when you’re stretched for time. Take-outs can be good but they do dent the pocket.

So what does one do? Switch over to a meal plan service. It’s amazing to see how a good meal plan subscription service can go a long way in getting your office lunch woes removed for good!

Thankfully, Meals On Me is right here to help with their meticulously crafted Lunch Or Dinner Plans. If you want to revolutionise the way you eat your lunch at office or dinner at home, then you have to subscribe to their meal plans!

Let’s see how Meals On Me can rescue you from your office lunch woes!

  1. Healthy Office Lunch –Get restaurant quality office lunch that offers taste and health just like homemade food every day at work with Meals On Me. Their healthy Lunch Or Dinner Plans are packed with nutrients that give your body optimum nutrition every single day. You can happily indulge in guilt-free eating with Meals On Me.
  2. Great Food Without Cooking–Cooking a meal for your office lunch or dinner at home is a complex task involving an array of activities. It includes – deciding what to cook, making a trip to the super market to buy groceries, prepping for the meal, cooking it and then cleaning up the mess!

Meals On Me makes life simpler with their pre-cooked healthy meals that are curated with passion by experienced chefs. Each meal is prepared in the state-of-the-art ISO certified kitchen maintaining the highest quality standards.

You can just sit back and enjoy meals without doing any hard work for it!

  • Saves Time & Money –Besides adding convenience to your life, Meals On Me also makes you save big bucks. How? With their affordable pricing and free delivery on every meal. Their pricing is inclusive of tax and free delivery (at no extra cost!).

Enjoy hassle-free doorstep delivery of your office lunch at no extra charges. All you need to do is provide the accurate delivery address along with the desired time slot for flawless delivery service.

  • Wide & Vibrant Variety Of Flavours –To keep your palate happy, Meals On Me offers an incredible line-up of 6 cuisines – Keto,Vegan/Vegetarian, Wholesome, International, Arabic&Indian. Besides these they also have Flex and Top Sellers for you.  With Flex plan, you can enjoy all 6 cuisines rolled into one whereas with Top Sellers you get to relish the most ordered dishes!
  • Make Your Own Menu –Eating your meals from a pre-set menu can be boring. That’s where Meals On Me is unique. They let you choose from 30+ choices a day and give the flexibility to create your own menu! As if that was not enough, they also have the ‘new week, new menu’ feature.  No boring set menus but exciting weekly menus that are loaded with irresistibly appetising and healthy meals for your office lunch and dinner at home!

So if you’re caught in a rut for your office lunch, subscribe right away to Dubai’s leading meal plan subscription service – Meals On Me! Relish sumptuous meals that give you balanced nutrition, more savings while helping you create free time for you to live your life better without being tied to the kitchen!

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