What are the benefits of ozone therapy?

Ozone therapy

An alternative therapy consisting of introducing ozone into the body via intravenous injection.

Ozone therapy use by medical professionals tracks back more than 150 years, with multiple benefits for a variety of health concerns. People nowadays are actively searching for alternative modes of therapy, be it herbal remedies, homeopathy, meditation, acupuncture, IV therapy etc. Ozone therapy is a treatment that has been showing some promise in today’s era as more and more people are accessing it.

Researchers around the world have found that this treatment helps to stimulate the immune system naturally as compared to conventional medicine that just treats symptoms. At times, conventional treatment fails and this might be the signal for these people to try and alternative approach to assist their condition.

What are the benefits of ozone therapy?Dr.Zubair Cajee
General And Well-Being Specialist at Atelier Clinic list down the same-

1. Improved immune system

Ozone as a compound is known to be destructive to all types of micro-organism so on this basis, it may be able to treat chronic underlying infections. It can also modulate the immune system in such a way where it may halt autoimmune processes.

10. Healthy and brighter skin

By virtue of raising oxygen supply in the body, ozone helps cells to recover faster and stimulate collagen and elastin which can lead to a rejuvenated appearance. 

2. Addresses tissue damage

By increasing the level of oxygen in the body, the affected area which has been compromised as a result of a stroke, will be abundant in oxygen supply which is necessary for recovery.

4. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic

Ozone works by blocking certain pathways which are responsible for pain and inflammation. Back pain is one of the most common presenting complaints to physicians globally. Ozone therapy has been shown to reduce pain in these patients.

5. Body Detoxification

Toxin accumulation is unavoidable despite all the measures one may take to prevent this.

Ozone therapy coupled with a good diet program has shown to speed up metabolism and stimulate the body’s detoxification pathways.

6. Accelerated wound healing

Ozone can act as a stem cell activator. Physicians who use this treatment have noticed that chronic wounds start to heel within 48 hours of treatment. It has also been used effectively on diabetic foot ulcers. 

How much time does a treatment take?

Depending on the quality and size of the veins, each treatment could take between 45-90 minutes
At Atelier Clinic, we specialize in doing the ‘’ten pass’’ ozone treatment founded by Dr. Lahodny. This means that in one session, we can cleanse 2 liters of blood.


Dr. Cajee believes that by adopting this therapy, one can really add great benefit to their arsenal of preventative care and anti-aging measures. He has seen firsthand the remarkable benefits of what this treatment can do and is a big believer in its safety and effectiveness for many health concerns.

It is necessary for one to always consult their doctor before starting any treatment as one’s medical condition plays a determining role of candidacy and number of sessions required.

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