Energy efficiency is the best way for industry to cut costs and reduce emissions right now

Energy efficiency is the best way for industry to cut costs and reduce emissions right now

•       ABB UAE hosts an energy efficiency symposium in Dubai with industry and infrastructure leaders.

•       Improving energy efficiency will reduce energy bills and emissions substantially in the short- to mid-term, without compromising productivity

•       Industry is the world’s largest consumer of electricity, natural gas and coal, and accounts for 42 percent of electricity demand

ABB UAE launched the Energy efficiency movement in Dubai with key industry and infrastructure business leaders, with businesses around the world facing unprecedented pressure from the cost of energy and the urgency to mitigate climate change impact, it was crucial to have a discussion with UAE market players in this regard. ADNOC, Tabreed, Wilo, Johnson controls, Metito, Taqa solutions and many others discussed actions to reduce carbon emission in their business operations.

Markus Lattner, Managing Director Eurovent shared insights on energy efficiency in the Middle East “Energy efficiency is becoming a matter of national security. Combined with the critical role of the HVACR industry, we need swifter action towards lower energy impact for cooling and refrigeration. And we have to shift focus on areas which are notoriously ignored, like qualifications for everyone within the service and supply chain” mentioned Markus Lattner. Eng. Adel El Jaberi, Senior Vice President, Shah operations, ADNOC shared his views on sustainability, energy transition and green initiatives in Oil and Gas Industry. The symposium featured interactive discussions among all stakeholders.

Launched in March 2021 by ABB, the #energyefficiencymovement is a multi-stakeholder initiative to raise awareness and spur action to reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions, and combat climate change. Companies are invited to join the movement and make a public pledge as a way of inspiring others to take action.

A recent report from the Energy Efficiency Movement shows that improving industrial energy efficiency is the fastest and most effective way for a business to cut energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. The Energy Efficiency Movement is a global forum of around 200 organizations sharing ideas, best practices and commitments to create a more energy-efficient world.

“There are energy efficiency solutions available that can help industry mitigate climate change and drive down energy costs, without compromising performance and productivity,” said Ahmed Radwan, Middle East & Africa region Lead, Motion business area at ABB. “With recent technology advances in energy efficiency, the improvement potential in industry is significant and readily available. So, rather than turning the lights off and halting production to save money, this important new report explains practical steps executives can take to reduce energy use and their bills while maintaining current operations. ABB made a commitment to become carbon neutral in all of its operations by 2030 and so far, we already reduced energy, emissions by 39% based on the 2019 baseline. And we are ahead of our 2030 plan and commitment “

Industry is the world’s largest consumer of electricity, natural gas and coal, according to the IEA, accounting for 42 percent of total electricity demand. The iron, steel, chemical and petrochemical industries are the largest consumers of energy among the world’s top-five energy-consuming countries – China, United States, India, Russia and Japan. Also space cooling represents 70% of peak residential electricity demand on the hottest days in Middle East countries. By 2050, electricity demand for cooling is expected to triple. The IEA estimates that adopting high-efficiency systems, including motors and drives, could reduce energy consumption by 8%.

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