Saltwater Games launches Celeros metaverse for play-to-impact gaming

First flying-car racing series to deliver mixed-reality gaming that rewards good causes

14th December 2022, Dubai, UAE: Global Web3 gaming studio, Saltwater Games (SWG), has announced the launch of its Celeros metaverse, a mixed-reality racing world for immersive, play-to-impact motorsports gaming. The launch paves the way for the release of AirspeederXR, the world’s first gaming series for electric flying cars, which will enable gamers to contribute earned rewards to real-world social and environmental impact projects. 

Dubai-headquartered SWG unveiled Celeros with the worldwide launch of its official Discord channel, which is already attracting widespread attention in the global gaming community. Integrating modern infrastructure into a familiar landscape, the Celeros metaverse reflects the real-world impacts of global warming and the general toll of human existence, but also echoes the hope for evolution through the uptake of advancing technology. It incorporates new land developments, built to support the vison of an ideal state of human existence, where making an impact is part of a circular economy.  

Celeros will be the exclusive platform for gamers to access AirspeederXR, which is the first AAA, Web3, free-to-play, play-to-earn, and play-to-impact mixed reality racing game.  The play-to-impact concept is the result of a multi-year partnership between SWG and the electric flying vehicle racing series, Airspeeder. The collaboration was first announced in October at the Future Investment Initiative 6th Edition in Riyadh, where SWG Founder and CEO, Len Findlay, contributed to discussions on the gaming for good movement, which aims to use gaming to create positive change in the real world.

The innovation partners have now come together to create a gaming experience where physical and virtual worlds merge for competition, rewards, education, and impact. Built on a common belief that there is hope for a better future, Celeros is described as a movement that aims to stimulate excitement among fans, while demonstrating the social and environmental impact they can bring to the locations they race.

AirspeederXR will feature the traditional gaming appeal of head-to-head, multiplayer, and tournament competition, augmented with real-world physics derived from thousands of hours of AirSpeeder flight time. The Airspeeder technology reveals the possibilities of clean air transportation and combines with SWG’s integrated economic model to enable gamers to add value to community projects as they earn rewards, all while enjoying the adrenaline-charged experience of an immersive racing environment.

SWG’s Founder, Findlay, is based in Dubai and brings 25 years of global experience in the technology business, while also acting as an advisor and philanthropist in a number of emerging technology verticals such as eVTOL, Space, Cyber Security, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence. Speaking about the launch of Celeros and the ground-breaking gaming concept, Findlay said, “We are delighted to lift the lid on the years of development work that have gone into this play-to-impact technology, which will lay the foundations for many more exciting and innovative initiatives to come.”

He continued, “Environmental and social responsibility should feature in every aspect of our lives and the gaming community has the capacity to make a significant impact on real-world outcomes. Tying together high-speed racing games that promote clean transportation, with rewards that support conservation and economic growth, is a practical solution to promote both action and awareness across our globally connected network.”

The game’s in-built economic model delivers the balance between engaging gameplay and social and environmental impact, allowing gamers to contribute to developmental projects, carbon emission rehabilitation, and clean technology advancement, based on initiatives chosen by the SWG community. The goal is for players to support and believe in what they do, and to be part of making the future sustainability of their race series becoming a reality.

Celeros is now open by invitation, with a beta anticipated for mid-2023.


About Saltwater Games

Saltwater Games (SWG) is a global game studio and technology ecosystem established to create the highest quality, most immersive experiences where physical and virtual merge for competition, rewards, education and impact. SWG brings together the best of gaming and motorsport to provide gamers with an infrastructure that prioritises the fun of immersive play and economic longevity through innovative, decentralised ownership.

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