ESMOD Dubai Announces Special Collaboration with Reignited Swarovski Crystals

ESMOD Dubai Announces Special Collaboration with Reignited Swarovski Crystals

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

ESMOD Dubai, the award-winning French institute fully dedicated to fashion, has added another feather in its cap, partnering with Swarovski.

Nineteen ESMOD Dubai students, all in their second year, were invited by the world’s premier jewellery and accessories brand to collaborate on a project that explored the creative potential of their reignited crystals programme.

Designed to challenge students to reconsider waste as a resource whilst raising awareness on the importance of sustainability within education institutions, Swarovski provided reignitedcrystals to ESMOD.

The students were tasked to reuse crystals and incorporate them into their own bespoke designs and textiles to complete a key module of their Fashion and Creation Undergrad programme.

“Reigniting Crystals was conceptualized by Swarovski to reiterate our commitment to sustainability whilst also supporting the next generation of creatives and designers in engaging in sustainable practices themselves. These talented ESMOD Dubai students were giving license to communicate their ideas, make statements and be as bold and creative as they wanted to whilst breathing new life into our unused crystals,” said Mr. Peter Widmann, Senior Vice President & Managing Director Swarovski B2B, Swarovski.

“The final pieces were a testament to the talent and diversity that we knew we would find at a world-class institution such as ESMOD Dubai.”

The winning designer, Zahwa K, was singled out for her ability to adhere to the zero-waste agenda whilst showcasing her incredible skill and creativity with designs that stood out. She will now get the unique opportunity to intern for 1 week with famed regional designer Michael Cinco, working closely with the designer and getting that priceless on-the-job experience.

“Innovation & Design has always been a hallmark of Swarovski with their tradition of delivering extraordinary everyday style to women around the world.  Academic Partnership with reigniting crystals is a well-defined programme that gives these precious crystals another chance to be adored. To be chosen as the first fashion school in the region for this unique and prestigious collaboration is a matter of great pride for ESMOD Dubai where we remain committed to shaping the future leaders of the fashion world by giving them a platform to transform those principles into practice,” added Mrs Tamara Hostal, one of the two founders of ESMOD Dubai.

Along with co-founder Denis Ravizza, since its inception in 2006 the institute’s courses have nurtured creative individuality, developed aesthetic sense, and enhanced superior garment making skills of students in the region by employing a practical methodology that has become a symbol of the ESMOD tutoring system.


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