The South Korean Delegation Discussion regarding Abu Dhabi Customs Practices and Enhancing Cooperation

The South Korean Delegation Discussion regarding Abu Dhabi Customs Practices and Enhancing Cooperation

Abu Dhabi Customs: December 2022

The General Administration of Abu Dhabi Customs welcomed a customs delegation from South Korea, with the aim of discussing ways to enhance cooperation between the two sides in various customs fields and capacity-building activities, and to discuss regarding the customs practices in Abu Dhabi and exchange experiences to support the global trade movement.

The visiting delegation was reviewed the strategic transformation journey of Abu Dhabi Customs, its exceptional experience in developing its innovative services and applying the best international practices, and its pioneering efforts in establishing an empowered digital institutional environment that contributes to enhancing security, facilitating trade and providing distinguished services, which enhancing the high prestigious position that the Emirate of Abu Dhabi occupies and holds globally, as a major destination for investment and doing business.

The South Korean delegation reviewed and knew about the efforts of Abu Dhabi Customs in supporting its cadres, applying comprehensive automation to manage human capital, using artificial intelligence and advanced technology in the human resources sector and the field of training to refine and develop the skills of its employees. It also reviewed the level of administrative and technical development of human resources in Abu Dhabi Customs, which is considered the first in the world that implementing the Oracle Digital Assistant and the first government agency in the Middle East that applying Full Oracle HCM Cloud Suite with Analytics project.

During their tour to the innovation laboratory and training halls, the delegation was also reviewed and knew about the VR Training technology, which implements training and evaluation processes using virtual reality, which contributes in raising the efficiency of Abu Dhabi Customs employees.

The visit of the Korean delegation to Abu Dhabi Customs is a result of the global reputation and international acclaim for Abu Dhabi Customs’ practices in applying international best practices, and its pioneering role in developing innovations and launching initiatives to provide smart customs services that serve the various sectors of customs work and support the facilitation of global trade movement, and enhance the happiness of customers and raise their level of satisfaction with smooth, fast and effective services, and also Abu Dhabi Customs is keen on transferring its experience and expertise in developing customs work to local and international authorities and institutions, in a way that contributes in supporting the growth of the national economy through the development of international relations.

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