Dubai The Globe’s Entertainment Hub in Framing the International Filming Industry, Says Russian Industry Leaders

Dubai The Globe’s Entertainment Hub in Framing the International Filming Industry, Says Russian Industry Leaders

Fourteen Russian companies presented more than 60 projects in Dubai International Content Market DICM 2022 – romantic comedies, historical dramas, documentary films, and animation, the high quality of which is recognized internationally.

The featured films and series were presented by Russian companies including: All Media (a START company); online cinemas START и KION; Production company «Sreda»; one of the top Russian broadcasters NTV; Sovtelexport (the official content distributor of Russia Television and Radio); Pimanov&Partners: Odin-Media, Russkoe Film Company.

Many Russian films presented in Dubai were animations by SMF Animation, RIKI Group, Parovoz Animation Studio, Digital TV Russia, X-Media Digital.

Among the animation projects are “Detective Chirp and the Golden Beehive”, the world’s first full-length animation project created on a game engine; “The Fixies” and many others.

In addition to Dubai International Content Market, the Russian Film Festival was held for the first time ever in the United Arab Emirates.

Commenting on this global presence of Russian film industry in Dubai Inna Shalyto, CEO of ROSKINO* said:” Dubai has proven to be the global hub for entertainment, we brought fourteen Russian companies to participate in Dubai International Content Market under the Russian Content Worldwide brand. These companies produce movies, series & animation content and participating to partner up with other leading businesses. Aside of that we have organized the Russian Film Festival (RFF) to showcase our top Russian films to the consumers in the Middle East. We look forward to work with the relevant distributors to present the Russian content among new regions and introduce the culture among different audiences”.

So let us go through each film of the Russian Film Festival together…

  • “Detective Chirp & the Golden Beehive” (director Grigori Vozjakin, 2022) – Russian animation film produced by SMF Animation and “Magic Factory”, based on the animated series Secrets of Honey Hills. The project combines two popular genres – a crime story and a comedy. A wise owl private eye Sofie and her eager assistant – a squirrel named Chirp – undertake the investigation of a very peculiar case. The main characters, their friends and the citizens of the Honey Valley will have to fight a super villain in order to prevent the theft and destruction of the Golden Beehive artefact. Legend says that this artefact controls the weather in the Valley…

– “Finnick” (director Denis Chernov, 2022) – a fun, animated adventure film, a thrilling and captivating kids detective tale from the creators of the “Kikoriki”. Finnick – is a pleasant and cheery house spirit, but he is a tad picky and crafty. He constantly plays pranks on the people living in the house, thus not one family ever stays there for long, in his house. But everything changes when the latest tenants move in – his tricks do not work on them at all. Finnick meets a girl, Christina, and unexplained events start to take place in the city. The two polar opposites, Finnick and Christina, will need to join forces to uncover the mystery and save the city…

  • “The Fixies vs. Crabots” (director Vasili Bedoshvili, Oleg Uzjinov, Ivan Pshoshkin, 2019) – an animation film about Fixies – tiny, cute humanoids, which live inside appliances and tech equipment, and look after it. Well… They fix stuff. Fixies hide from humans. There are but a few lucky people in the world who’s ever gotten to see them. The laboratory of Professor Chudakov, is where the school of Fixies is based. Only two people know about it, a boy named DimDimich and his friend Katia. However, one day, mysterious, elusive creatures appear – Robots-Crabots. They spy on the Fixies and threaten to reveal them…
  • “A Young Man” (director Alexander Fomin, 2022) – a fun comedy about the conflict of generations. Despite finishing school with honours, and excelling at college, by the age of thirty, Ivan ended up with nothing; his wife left him, he was fired from his job… At rock bottom, he finds out that his classmate, a terrible student, Kolya, became a very successful businessman. Kolya decided to host a competition for high school students, with a multimillion dollar prize. Ivan, who looks much younger than his actuasl age, decided to trick Kolya. He shaved his beard, forged his documents, and set out to participate in the competition, confident that hie will defeat the much younger high schoolers…

– “The Bolshoi” (director Valerii Todorovskii, 2017) – a Russian drama film about a young dancer Yulia, who received an opportunity to appear on stage of the Bolshoi Theater. However, even the most precious of diamonds need to be worked on, in order to become truly valuable. For Yulia, the path to the Bolshoi Theater stage lies through the rigors of ballet school. To become a star, many sacrifices need to be made…  However, no obstacle can ever stop a person who has a big dream…

– “Sputnik” (director Yegor Abramenko, 2020) – a captivating thriller, events take place in the 1980s USSR. A cosmonaut and national hero, return to earth with a strange creature… Inside his own body. In a secret laboratory of a town which does not officially exist, a young scientist tries to save the man’s life from the creature within him. She soon realizes that her feelings for her patient are far more than merely professional…

Inna Shalyto concluded:” Russian films were warmly received in Dubai: at the Russian Film Festival the most popular projects were the animated films, “Detective Chirp & the Golden Beehive” and “Finnick”. And according to the results of the Dubai International Content Market, there was the demand for Russian family films, historical series, sports dramas. Russian companies also noted the readiness of Middle Eastern partners to coproduce animation. In general, the demand for content from Russia is growing, buyers from MENA region note its high quality. In 2023, the industrial events in the MENA region will once again become an important part of ROSKINO’s strategy for promotion of the Russian film industry in international markets”.

*ROSKINO is a state organization created to represent the Russian audiovisual content industry in international markets; the national operator for the promotion of films, TV series and animation.

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