Canadian University Dubai Trading Floor to educate students on smart investment

The initiative aims to promote financial literacy among youth

6 December 2022, Dubai, UAE: The Canadian University Dubai (CUD) Faculty of Management has introduced a new program of extra-curricular activities to educate young people on the fundamentals of trading and investment, to help promote financial literacy and support smart spending decisions. The CUD Trading Floor initiative will provide participants with expert insights on investment strategies from working professionals in the sector, as well as opportunities to test tactics first-hand through demos and trading competitions.

The initiative was launched with the first in a series of educational sessions conducted by guest speakers and industry experts in the field. At the inaugural event, a team of representatives from the investment company, Freedom Finance (DIFC) Limited Company, delivered an interactive workshop on global market trends and the principles of trading, attended by students and faculty from a cross-section of academic disciplines.

Intended to bridge the gap between the theory and practice of investment, the CUD Trading Floor initiative will help students develop their quantitative analysis and critical thinking skills, as well as connect them with professionals operating in the industry. The program is open to students and faculty from any subject area, intending to build knowledge and understanding of trading across the university community.

The organizer of the initiative and the Instructor in the Faculty of Management, Ms Olga Starkova, said, “We have found that CUD students are curious about trading and investment in general and our goal with this program is to help them learn about the fundamental principles by interacting with experienced experts from the finance industry, asking them questions, and receiving insightful responses.

“We also aim to provide a platform for knowledge exchange, based on students’ experiences and backgrounds. Those who have gained some practice in trading can share their personal pathways and successes, and mistakes. Those  still preparing for trading and investment can get detailed guidance on how it should be done, protecting themselves from potentially risky scenarios.”

To raise awareness of good investment practices more widely, the events and sessions are also open to participants outside the Accounting and Finance major. Ms. Starkova explained, “Anyone has the potential to become an investor on a personal level, and so it’s important for us all to be aware of the fundamentals. Private and professional investors alike should understand the significance of economic cycles, building a diversified portfolio, making justified investment decisions, and keeping emotions under control, throughout their trading activities.”

Among those students participating from other faculties is Psychology major, Abdullah Sufian, who said, “I learnt a great deal from the first session, which set out the four rules of investment as the critical starting point for a trading strategy. I’m interested in investment as a way to make an impact in society, and I think the depth of information and knowledge I will get from this program will be extremely valuable to that goal.”

Ms Starkova concluded, “Bringing together students from different disciplines enhances the learning experience for everyone. For example, a student from psychology can explain how to control emotions in investment decisions and share techniques that can be applied to do so, while business students can explain how investment processes are organized within a company.”

The CUD Trading Floor initiative convenes each week, and as the students progress through the program and develop their knowledge, they will have the opportunity to test their skills through simulated trading platforms. 


About Canadian University Dubai

Established in 2006, Canadian University Dubai (CUD), is a higher academic institution located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). CUD offers over 40 UAE Ministry-accredited degree concentrations across four academic faculties, based on the Canadian curriculum, and serves as a gateway for students to pursue higher education, research, and employment opportunities in Canada. The institution is ranked #1 in Dubai and among the leading 541-550 universities globally according to the QS World University Rankings 2023.

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