Trending today: content creators across MENA share 51 reasons they love the UAE

Trending today: content creators across MENA share 51 reasons they love the UAE

Content creators from the UAE and MENA take to social media to show what they love the most about the nation in celebration of the 51st UAE National Day

Dubai, UAE, 30th November 2022: Social media influencers and content creators in the UAE and MENA have taken to social media to express their love and admiration for the UAE in celebration of the nation’s 51st National Day. A video posted recently by Kwai, one of the fastest-growing short video platforms in the world, multinational content creators of various nationalities from the UAE and across MENA shared 51 factors for what they love most about the country.

The reasons are diverse: from modern architecture and heritage to its welcoming culture and monumental achievements throughout the years.

Additional reasons included UAE’s inspirational journey, its visionary leadership, its sustainable growth, promising career prospects as well as how it has empowered women and youth. Other users also expressed their admiration for the UAE’s ambitious goals, its leadership in fostering tolerance, its openness to the world and adopt forward-thinking measures in one of the most multicultural societies in the world.

“People becoming family” and living in a judgement-free society were other reasons users were showing gratitude for, in addition to the country’s continued optimism in the face of challenges, its generosity and helping hand to those in need, its diversity and how it sits as a global symbol for peace.

The UAE’s landscapes and iconic landmarks were also among the reasons why residents share a deep connection with the country. Beautiful beaches, inspiring architecture, tall skylines and cleanliness also made it to the list of 51 reasons the country was loved, as well as its ultimate shopping destinations, leisure activities, entertainment, and safety.

The video was published as part of a campaign launched by Kwai in celebration of the 51st UAE National Day, inviting UAE and MENA users to express and publish their passions, memories, and admiration about the country.

The campaign invites users to post their own stories and memories, as well as experience the opportunity of innovatively personalizing their content through dedicated in-app features and filters created in celebration of the UAE National Day. Additionally, Kwai launched dedicated songs, which users can integrate with their posts to celebrate the nation’s pride.

Chi Zhou (Chris), Head of MENAT Operations, Kwai, said: “On behalf of Kwai we would like to congratulate the UAE on its 51st National Day, marking yet another year of success and prosperity with a continued positive and aspirational outlook for the future of the nation and of its vibrant people. On this occasion, people from all over the country and the world come together and share memories of what they love the most about the UAE, and at Kwai, bringing people together through interactive and responsible content sits at the top of our values and goals. We are proud to launch this campaign and to provide our users the platform that unites them together for their love of country and all its glories.”

The video posted by Kwai can be found on Kwai’s official YouTube, Instagram and Facebook pages.

Users and content creators can download the app (Google Play | App Store) to enjoy a host of activities during the festive holiday.

Kwai empowers users across the MENA to share their everyday moments through enriching and original content. Since it launched in the region, it has become a hugely popular platform for content creators, influencers and ordinary people to create meaningful and engaging content. The app is specifically designed to provide each user greater opportunity to “see and be seen” rather than focusing attention solely on a narrow definition of popular content.

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