BEEAH Group leadership comment on the occasion of UAE’s 51st National Day

BEEAH Group leadership comment on the occasion of UAE’s 51st National Day

Khaled Al Huraimel,
Group CEO, BEEAH Group

“Happy 51st National Day to the leadership, citizens, and residents of the UAE.

When we look at how far the UAE has come in a little over five decades, and how much progress the nation achieves year after year, there is no doubt that we are filled with inspiration. We are fortunate to have a determined leadership with the foresight and commitment to the holistic development of the nation, from societal progress and providing an unparalleled quality of its life for its people, to advancing UAE’s competitiveness for global partnerships by innovating in fields and industries that are crucial for human progress. On UAE’s 51st National Day, we, as BEEAH Group, are proud to reaffirm our alignment with the national agenda and the commitment of our businesses to continue pioneering a sustainable quality of life for all.”

Fahad Shehail,
Group Chief Operation Officer, BEEAH Group

“My greatest wishes to the rulers, the Emirati people and residents of the UAE on the occasion of the 51st National Day. Over the years, the nation has continued to achieve landmark milestones for the good of the people, the economy, and the future of the UAE. And every year, the nation looks at even more ways to set an example of growth and progress in the region and secure a better future for all. Thank you to the national leadership for their vision and dedication to setting and achieving new targets year after year. Aligning with this spirit and vision, we, as BEEAH Group, look forward to breaking new ground in future-critical industries, and supporting the national drive for social and economic progress, and the continued prosperity of the UAE.”

Nada Taryam,
Managing Director of Civil and Architectural Projects, BEEAH Group

“Congratulations to the UAE’s leadership, citizens, and residents on the 51st National Day. Every year, this occasion brings us the unique opportunity to reflect on the challenges that the nation has overcome to achieve peace, prosperity, and security for all people, while continuing to set new benchmarks for progress in the region and the world. When I consider the wisdom and foresight of the UAE’s leadership and the determination and ambition of our people, I am filled with hope for the UAE’s will continued success. As the nation progresses through the visionary roadmaps set by the national leadership, we, as BEEAH Group, are working to advance our contributions towards the continued prosperity of the UAE.”

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