AYOR Group, French specialist in water management for sustainable housing,

AYOR Group, French specialist in water management for sustainable housing, will present a preview at The Big 5 Show 2022 of its brand new AIS

The AYOR Group, a French specialist in water management for sustainable housing, will present a preview at The Big 5 Show 2022 of its brand new AIS (“Autonomous Intelligent System”) box, an all-in-one solution unique on the world market for sanitary plumbing and water treatment, capable of both monitoring and treating water resources!

While 30% of the world’s water losses are a result of leaks, the Ayor Group has come up with a solution to simultaneously preserve and enhance water resources.

The AIS connected box is an integrated solution that both identify water leaks and treats it against impurities and limescale, which damages pipes, appliances and health. It also monitors the flow rate and alerts the user in case of a leak.

  • AIS ensures the filtration of impurities in the water,
  • AIS treats heavy metals in water,
  • AIS treats water against the harmful effects of limescale,
  • AIS alerts you to excess water consumption and eliminates the risk of damage by shutting off the water supply in the event of a burst pipe.

Easy to install, AIS offers comprehensive and constant monitoring of the domestic water circuitwith many advantages for both the installer and the user!

Product advantages for the installer:

  • Saves installation time (box delivered assembled)
  • Easy to install (requires a simple connection to the water supply)
  • Easy to maintain (the patented integrated bypass allows the cartridges to be changed without having to turn off the water supply)
  • Small dimensions (able to fit in even the tightest of spaces)

Product advantages for the user:

  • Easy to use (one button to control everything)
  • Water circuit under constant monitoring (through the AIS technology (Autonomous Intelligent System) which monitors the filtration and the water flow)
  • Easy to maintain (patented built-in bypass allows cartridges to be changed without the need to turn off the water supply, alerts user to the need to change sediment filters for consistently filtered water)
  • Metering accuracy (through its integrated volumetric meter)
  • Guaranteed savings (integrated permanent magnetic anti-scaling): Technology that requires no maintenance or replacement of consumables, and avoids premature wear and tear on household appliances and the deterioration of pipes

Technical data of the AIS box:

Dimensions W435 – D190 – H450 (mm)

Weight 10kg

Leak detector: Visual and audible (80db) leak detection alerts, which depending on the size of the leak can trigger the automatic closure of the solenoid valve

> Green = no leakage / Orange = slight leakage (0.5l/hour) / Red = major leakage (or burst pipe)

Consumable wear and tear alert: Gradual warning of the wear and tear of the anti-sediment and anti-heavy metal filters according to the volume of water treated.

STOP mode: In the event of a power outage, the water will continue to flow thanks to the integrated motorised valve.

Holiday mode: The integrated motorised valve detects the absence of water flow and automatically switches off the water supply from the third day onwards.

Pause mode: Possibility of manually shutting down the system to fill a swimming pool, for example

Metering: The MID approved volumetric meter is integrated, ensuring that the volume of water is counted with very high accuracy


1 Merkur EZ CONNECT filter with 2 integrated cartridges

1 wound cartridge that eliminates particles suspended in the water – 20µ filtration

1 Métalya cartridge that eliminates heavy metals: a patented cartridge that changes colour when saturated and is the only one of its kind on the world market.

1 integrated magnetic cartridge that prevents limescale deposits in pipes and household equipment. Its technology has a 25-year life span and requires no change of consumables.

The Box can be found at STAND C122 – HALL 3 – PAVILLON CHOOSE France

The Ayor Group is a French designer and manufacturer of innovative solutions in the world of sanitary plumbing; an expert in water treatment, water supply, sanitary fittings, hydrocabling distribution, heating and water heater accessories, bathroom and shower furniture.

Today, the Ayor Group masters the activities of chemistry, fabrication, plastics, metallurgy and assembly, all based on its French site in Rousset.

Drawing on its industrial knowledge in chemistry, the Ayor Group is the only company to produce polyphosphate, a process that protects pipes, appliances and health in the home.

The Ayor Group has one factory in France, two in Europe (Italy, Spain) and has also developed industrial partnerships around the world, which allow the Group to adapt to the specific standards of each country.

In order to safeguard and develop its French industrial know-how, the AYOR Group has redoubled its efforts by investing more than €4 million in the modernisation of its equipment and its own production processes.

The Ayor Group also invests nearly €3 million per year in Research and Development for the creation and development of solutions that allow for a more virtuous consumption of water resources.

The Ayor Group serves renovators and builders of sustainable and responsible housing that values water and preserves the environment.

Also on view at the stand: Elmer, Secur 3, the NF valve and Fixoplac, the only plasterboard tap fixing system that can be installed in under 5 minutes and the best-selling model in France.

For more information: www.ayor.fr   / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htqta5NkkMw

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