Aster DM Healthcare provides a sneak-peek into myAster app – region’s first integrated patient support system

Aster DM Healthcare provides a sneak-peek into myAster app – region’s first integrated patient support system

  • Pioneering personalized healthcare in UAE, myAster would be a one-stop solution for all services that Aster DM Healthcare has to offer to patients and customers in UAE.
  • As the Healthcare Partner for Dubai Fitness Challenge, Aster provides a first look at myAster exclusively for the visitors and participants.

DUBAI – November 28, 2022 – Aster DM Healthcare will provide a first look at the region’s first personalized healthcare app, myAster, which brings in the intuitive capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. myAster will pioneer personalized healthcare in UAE, as a one-stop solution for all services that Aster DM Healthcare has to offer to patients and customers in the country and beyond.

Aster DM Healthcare, one of the largest integrated healthcare providers in GCC and India, said the app was a pioneering and innovative healthcare solution in the UAE’s healthcare sector, empowering patients to have greater access to high-quality and reliable health services at their finger tips.

Ms. Alisha Moopen, Deputy Managing Director at Aster DM Healthcare, said: “At Aster DM Healthcare, we are keen to provide the complete circle of care to our patients and customers as per their convenience, moving beyond our physical offerings to serve them where and when they want, using technology. myAster would be a seamless omnichannel app that integrates all our services across clinics, hospitals and pharmacies and puts it in the palm of the user,”

“A first time solution in the UAE and one of its kind in the region, myAster is all set to revolutionise the way people of UAE consume healthcare and further push the country towards its global goal of being recognised as the top destination for futuristic healthcare, in alignment with UAE Vision 2031. As the healthcare partner for this year’s Dubai Fitness Challenge, we are keen to provide a sneak-peek to all the people on how myAster is set to change the way they are used to availing healthcare,” she added.

Mr. Brandon Rowberry, CEO of Digital Health, Aster DM Healthcare, said, “At Aster DM Healthcare, we meet every healthcare need of our patients as one of the largest integrated healthcare players in the region. The app is all-set to revolutionise the way healthcare is consumed in the region. Innovative technology and digitisation of healthcare functions are at the core of it. Over the past few months, the app has touched over half a million lives. Moreover, we are adding new services and features every month to further enhance the experience of the end user.”

“The myAster app will connect doctors, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, labs and home services, all on one platform.  It is created with a ‘user-first’ approach in mind and in doing so we’re looking to change the healthcare landscape,” he added.

Currently anyone can use it to book appointments, video consultations with doctors, view prescriptions and scans, order  their medication as well as wellness products from the e-pharmacy module of myAster.

As the largest and fastest growing healthcare conglomerate, Aster DM considers it essential to consolidate all the essential arms of healthcare on one platform to ensure that everyone has access to quality care, no matter where they are.

The platform will allow patients to book and manage in-clinic appointments, as well as teleconsultations, and video consultations with doctors, and have health and wellness products delivered to their doorstep in 90 minutes. It also gives patients the access and the ability to manage their own and their family’s complete medical records, including scans and lab reports on the app.


About Aster DM Healthcare

Aster DM Healthcare Limited is one of the largest private healthcare service providers operating in GCC and in India. With an inherent emphasis on clinical excellence, we are one of the few entities in the world with a strong presence across primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary healthcare through our 30 hospitals, 121 clinics, 459* pharmacies, 19 labs and 140 patient experience centers in seven countries, including India. We have over 28,400 plus dedicated staff including 3,622 doctors and 8,095 nurses across the geographies that we are present in, delivering a simple yet strong promise to our different stakeholders: “We’ll treat you well.” We reach out to all economic segments in the GCC states through our differentiated healthcare services across the “Aster”, “Medcare” and “Access” brands.

* Including 214 Pharmacies in India operated by Alfaone Retail Pharmacies Private Limited under brand license from Aster. 

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