Sultan Al Amimi: SIBF is a model for connecting books with every aspect of human life and interests

Sultan Al Amimi: SIBF is a model for connecting books with every aspect of human life and interests

Sharjah, November 12, 2022

Sultan Al Amimi, Chairman of the Emirates Writers Union, said that the 41st Sharjah International Book Fair and its previous successful editions have given rise to an international cultural phenomenon where, through a diverse array of activities including music, arts, poetry evenings, and the hosting of intellectual and media personalities, the fair is strengthening their unique ties to culture and books.

He stressed that culture includes every type of social activity and practices, noting that SIBF clearly demonstrates how books are intertwined with people’s lives and interests and how new books are born through the documentation of arts, experiences, and other facets of human life.

The Chairman highlighted the importance of such cultural activities in book fairs. “We might read a culinary book or the relationship between cuisines and civilisations. The book fair might host an artist who sings poems of a particular poet whose poetry collection is sold at the book fair. We might also find a book on the artist or the composer of that song on a shelf next to hundreds of books on arts and music.” He asserted that this connection between the books and arts and every aspect of human life are tightly woven and interlinked into the larger framework of human society.

He concluded: “Culture is, in fact, the product of human interaction, which includes thinking, raising awareness, reflection and knowledge. It is a complete ecosystem for human identity, thought and awareness. The Sharjah International Book Fair is a phenomenal event that includes all forms of culture.”


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