Meet talented artist who paints upside down at SIBF 2022

Meet talented artist who paints upside down at SIBF 2022

If you think you’ve seen it all, visit SIBF 2022 to be enthralled by the street painter who can draw images in minutes and even upside down

Sharjah, November 11, 2022

A highly talented ‘Speed Painter’, dressed in a three-piece suit caked all over with colourful specks of paint, is arousing the curiosity of visitors at the ongoing 41st Sharjah International Book Fair.

With characteristic showmanship, the artist is quick to garner the attention of visitors as he sets up an oversized easel in the main atrium and hooks up his music before getting into action.

Mixing comedy with origami, the artist performs popular magical tricks with flair, passion and drama as he interacts with excited visitors attending the 12-day cultural extravaganza at Expo Centre Sharjah.

Continuing with the dynamic act, the uber-talented artist took onlookers by surprise, when he used a few broad strokes of his paint brush to draw two large portraits of famous personalities – Charlie Chaplin and Elvis Presley – in no time! The stunned audience gasped audibly as one of these was painted upside down!

With exciting activities for all age groups including interactive workshops, cultural shows, discussions and cook-offs, SIBF 2022 continues its run until November 13 at Expo Centre Sharjah.


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