Celebrated Indonesian chef Vindex Tengkercooks up island flavours at SIBF 2022

Celebrated Indonesian chef Vindex Tengker cooks up island flavours at SIBF 2022

Asian fusion expert and culinary consultant demonstrates his three decades of experience by whipping up detailed recipes in just a matter of minutes

Sharjah, November 09, 2022

Indonesian chef Vindex Tengker –  a visionary creator who is putting his country’s cuisine on the global map, shared his popular fusion techniques at the 41st Sharjah International Book Fair as he rustled up flavourful dishes from the archipelago nation at the packed Cookery Corner.

Tengker, one of Indonesia’s finest culinary experts and a household name in the island nation thanks to his appearances on MasterChef and Top Chef Indonesia, also shared with the SIBF audience the recipes of some of his signature dishes as well as cooking tips and tricks to enhance their experimentations in the kitchen.

At SIBF 2022, Tengker demonstrated the techniques of preparing a fresh and flavourful Indonesian salmon ceviche or koho, as he quickly whipped up the refreshing summer salad featuring chopped papaya, shallots, iceberg lettuce, cucumber, tomato and vinegar. Using lime to cure the salmon, the Asian fusion expert garnished the dish with kaffir lime and basil leaves.

Next up was a Balinese favourite, chicken betutu or spiced chicken, which he suggested could also be substituted with duck. Recreating the wide palette of flavours of the popular island destination, Tengker packed the spicy, succulent chicken with a marinade of garlic, ginger, coconut oil, candlenuts, turmeric, Javanese black chilli, (which can be replaced with black pepper), shrimp paste and other ingredients, before proceeding to bake it after wrapping it carefully in a banana leaf.

Exciting culinary adventures continue at SIBF 2022 which is hosting celebrity chefs, bakers, nutritionists and food business experts. From fusion cuisine and modernised adaptations to traditional and quick and easy preparations, the line-up of internationally renowned chefs and experts are headlining 30 cooking activities including live demo sessions at SIBF 2022 as part of the fair’s popular Cookery Corner programme.


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