Provident Estate To Exhibit At Tawdheef Recruitment Show 2022 This November 14-16th.

Provident Estate To Exhibit At Tawdheef Recruitment Show 2022 This November 14-16th.

8th November 2022, Dubai. On November 14–16th, Provident Estate will participate in the UAE’s leading event empowering Emiratis for employment and entrepreneurship. Tawdheef will be held in Abu Dhabi, working as an encouraging recruitment event for Emiratis who are trying to acquire the tools and resources they need to work in their field of interest.

The Real Estate industry is one of the most lucrative industries within the UAE. Despite inflation, the real estate market today is booming and continuing to thrive. With the Golden Visa’s introduction, in conjunction with ongoing growth in tourism, there has been a large increase of sales in luxury residential real estate. At the end of September 2022, a total of 8,649 real estate  transactions were recorded valuing at AED 24.417 billion, reflecting a value gain of 51.66%, marking this September with the greatest performance over the previous 12 years. In addition to this, Dubai concluded 2021 with more than 84,196 real estate transactions amounting around AED 300 billion which was the largest recorded volume of real estate sales Dubai has seen. The current market has maintained this momentum and is rising every day.

Provident Estate has a clear mission to create honest, trustworthy and transparent relations with home buyers, tenants and investors. The company also strives to achieve perfection in the digital age with the best tools in the industry and provide an environment for employees to thrive in. In an effort to attract top talent, Provident Estate will be exhibiting at Tawdheef from November 14–16th. The real estate firm will be one of many other respectable businesses seeking to expand its Emirati workforce. The Director of Growth and Development Natalie Callaghan will also give a presentation that will focus on why one should begin their career in Real Estate, alongside the benefits and development opportunities that come with this.

The company aims to expand on its Emirati workforce and fosters a work environment that matters. It is essential to recognize the value that Emiratis can add to the company and Provident Estate acknowledges the exceptionally high talent levels among the Emirati workforce and has confidence in their ability to succeed in a fast-paced, flourishing real estate industry.

To thrive within the real estate industry, it is essential that all employees feel valued and receive extensive training. Provident Estate ensures that each employee is given the appropriate training for their position and continued development from our Director of Growth and Development. What distinguishes Provident Estate distinct from other real estate agencies is the importance of being able to facilitate ongoing development so that an employee may continue to meet their objectives year after year.

At Provident Estate, it is not just about hiring talent but ensuring each individual reaches their full potential. The company are looking for the Emirati workforce to fill the following positions:

HR Manager

Marketing Manager

Alongside many other roles

If you are interested in a life-changing career, meet the Provident Estate team at Tawdheef Abu Dhabi from the 14-16th. If you are unable to make the exhibition visit our website to apply or get in touch with Natalie Callaghan-  / Raphaella Ioannou –


About Provident Estate:

Pursuing excellence since 2008. Provident Estate is a one-stop-shop for all things real estate. With a resolution to always offer 5-star service to their clients, Provident Estate are here for property requirements and queries. At the crux of the business, Provident Estate work relentlessly to provide hassle-free tailored real estate advice and consultancy for investors and families alike who are looking to find the perfect home. Provident Estate takes pride in the diverse portfolio of not just services but the team members behind the company. With over 22 different nationalities speaking 25+ different languages, all are ready to answer property-related questions.

Provident are available to help with buying and leasing as well as property management all the way through to looking for the correct financing options or even finding a perfect holiday home.The company pride themselves in being transparent, honest and professional to deliver the best results to clients.



Linkedin: @providentestate

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