Kart Group” launches new innovative design “Al Yola” inspired by theUAE culture

In scope with Dubai Design Week 2022

Kart Group” launches new innovative design “Al Yola” inspired by theUAE culture

• A masterpiece that narrates the values of the UAE’s copious cultural heritage

• Eight metal plates that form a silhouette of the “Yola” dance arts, which appeals to adults and children alike

• The design of “Al Yola” represents the essence and beauty of the cultural identity deeply rooted in every Emirati’s heart, Mustafa Khamash

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

 Tuesday 8 November, 2022

The Kart Group, a bespoke design group based in Dubai, launched a new innovative artwork that fulfill the passions of art and culture lovers, and contributes to enhancing the creative stage in the United Arab Emirates.

Al Yola, the innovative design is an experimental artwork inspired by the Emirati local culture and high values, and embodies a vibrant mix of people rooted in the country’s copious cultural heritage.

Al Yola is a folk art of Emirati origin that represents a type of the authentic life of the Bedouins. It is the most famous dance in the UAE, performed on many occasions, and appeals to both young and old generations. It was derived from Al- Ayyala dance, which represents courage, chivalry and a show of strength, where performers demonstrate the skills of controlling the Yola weapon lightly and swiftly.

The dance is often done at weddings, events, and folk festivals. Those who perform the dance are called “Yoel”, and it is performed by young men and women by holding weapons( a sowrd) and rotating them by hand above the head or from the front, and it is performed individually, in pairs or in fours using a stick or a sowrd in the arena of the Ayala dance or real battle. A generation of young people who loved the art of “Al Yola” developed and modernized it to become a presentation practiced with the gun to the tune of music, modern rhythms and stimulating songs.

Kart Group will participate in Dubai Design Week 2022, with their innovative new work the largest creative festival in the region, which will be launched on November 8 in the Dubai Design District.

“The innovative new design “Al Yola” represents the essence and beauty of the cultural identity deeply rooted in the heart of every Emirati,” said Mustafa Khamash, founder and general manager of the “Kart” design group. “ As the incomparable masterpiece that is nourished by culture consists of eight metal plates that form a silhouette of yola performers, accurately captures the movement of the stick, which highlights the gradual change in stick position based on the actual dance,” he added.

Khamash said that this amazing artwork effortlessly highlights artistic and cultural ambiguity, and presents a timeless look with good division and extreme craftsmanship, the highest standards of quality, with special focus on details, noting that folk arts remain the source of culture and originality that nourishes the national and societal awareness of the individual, the mass, and the state. The UAE has opulent heritage with many forms and images that are passed down from generation to generation, and passed down from the fathers to the ancestors with care and pride.

He stressed that the UAE in general and Dubai in particular, as a crossroads of cultures, has a lot to offer the world in terms of unique design identity, adding that the design and visual arts sector constitutes an important part of the creative sector that Dubai is committed to.

Dubai provide and encourage the ideal platforms for  prosperity, in line with one of the priorities of its strategy of enabling participation by integrating art and creativity within the Dubai landscape. This contributes to strengthening the emirate’s position as a global center for culture, an incubator for creativity and a forum for talents.

“Dubai has managed in recent years to become a major hub that attracts most Arab and even foreign designers, as a competitive city at all levels, including design and style,” said Mustafa Khamash. “With the presence of more than 200 nationalities from all over the world in a global environment such as Dubai, which represents a global center for design , competing with Singapore, London and New York, the challenge and stimulating remains  until the designer develops in this dynamic environment, and improves his  styles and methods locally and globally,” he added.

It is worth noting that the Kart Group unveiled the innovative design titled “The Leader” two years ago, which is an interactive 3D artwork based on displaying an image of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE. The Ruler of Dubai, using shade and its degrees, where the innovative installation work uses a group of pieces arranged according to specific layers, making those who approach the work and through light and shadows see a picture of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, raising his hand with the distinctive triple sign of His Highness:” Win, Victory, and Love”. Embodying an inspiring leadership journey, the work also enhances selected words of His Highness engraved on the outer edges of the sculpture.


About  Kart Design Group:

Kart Group was established in Dubai in 2004 by the Palestinian-Italian architect Mustafa Khamash, and it is a winner of local, regional and international awards in architecture and interior design, and is active in the GCC countries as well as in Europe.

Since 2005, it has been providing a wide and specialized range of integrated services to institutional and corporate partners in sectors include hospitality, residential and leisure buildings, working with government agencies, cultural institutions, real estate developers, and clients from multinational and local contractors.

The group has a proprietary multidisciplinary approach by integrating all aspects of project requirements into one comprehensive solution, and has 18 years of experience designing and delivering distinctive architectural and interior design solutions to their partners and clients through their design team accredited by the Italian Society of Engineers.

Kart Group specializes in European quality furniture with a full range of residential, indoor and outdoor furniture as well as corporate and office furniture, moreover it is the official agent for many European furniture companies that  they display in their showroom.

About Mustafa Khamash:

Mustafa Khamash is one of the most prominent designers in the Middle East. He worked with famous architects such as Italian architect “Paolo Biva” between 1997 and 2004, with Frenchman Philippe Starck and Iraqi-British Zaha Hadid. In the 1990s he was ranked as one of the top five designers in Europe, and his  artistic print  remains alive  in northern Italy, and in Europe in general, especially in  architecture, interior design and furnishings.

Khamash is  well-known for his lavish design style, one that does not compromise simplicity, fun and fantasy, and considers the essential elements of air and water along with the environment and furniture as an integral part of his design process in pursuit of a better life.

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