DXBlends Celebrates Opening 8th Branch in Dubai

DXBlends Celebrates Opening 8th Branch in Dubai

Chairman of UAE Restaurants Group Inaugurates

Dubai, UAE – 7 November 2022: The passion for coffee is warming the hearts of Dubai Hills Business Park residents with the opening of DXBlends Café, the brands eighth branch within the UAE. The Emirati established signature brand coffee house serves a unique mixture of the finest coffee beans sourced from the finest specialty coffee farms around the world.

Mubarak Bin Fahad, Chairman of UAE Restaurants Group, was present to officially inaugurate the opening of the latest branch of DXBlends, and accompanying him was Mr. Mohammed Sharaf, COO and Managing Director of Dubai Holding Entertainment; Mr. Adel Alrais, Vice President Corporate Communications and Protocol at du; Mr. Mansoor Ahli, CEO of Mansoor Ahli Group; Mr. Majid Al Usaimi, President of the Asian Paralympic Committee; Mr. Daeej Raisi, Emirati Businessman; and Eng. Anas Al Madani, Vice Chairman and Group CEO of INDEX Holding – an Emirati owned and operated organization that is the owner of the brand.

The UAE has taken profound measures in the past two years to ensure the continuing growth of the food and beverage sector. During the Covid pandemic, the government partnered with private institutions in an effort to work collectively for the sustainment and growth of the industry that was suffering due to Covid-related measures. The UAE Restaurants Group played a major role in helping to ensure the survival of the sector as the cooperative partnerships with the government proved to be highly effective.

Mr. Mubarak Bin Fahad, Chairman of UAE Restaurants Group, stated: “One of the major mandates of UAE Restaurants Group to is to support and assist homegrown concepts, and to help them grow and cross borders to spread out across the MENA and around the world. So, it is my honor to be here and witness the opening of DXBlends eighth branch, a homegrown concept that has become successful because of great quality and excellent customer service.”

Mr. Mubarak continued: “Figures show today that the sector has grown post-Covid to reflect higher numbers than what the industry had achieved prior in 2019. Between government and private initiatives, and the increase amount of tourism which is expected to be more than 1.2 million visitors in the next couple months alone, this sector will continue to grow and remain strong.”

Operating with the motto, “Picked by hand, roasted with passion, served with heart,” DXBlends coffee houses are designed in a very cozy and relaxing environment, making them a great place to work, study, relax, and to also meet with family and friends. The creation of unique blends of coffee even reflects on the history of making coffee in the region. While the beans are sourced from around the world, they are roasted in DXBLENDS roastery in Dubai and handcrafted exclusively by DXBlends talented team of Certified SCA Baristas, Specialists and Q Graders – licensed professionals who are experts in the coffee industry.

Eng. Anas Al Madani, Vice Chairman and Group CEO of INDEX Holding, stated: “Coffee houses have become a vital part of society in the sense of a peaceful retreat for those looking towards comfort and inspiration. This is what we strive to provide for all our guests at DXBlends, and we are always looking for creative ways to enhance their visiting experience.”

When asked about coffee consumption in the UAE, Eng. Anas replied: “In general, we are passionate about coffee in the UAE. Figures show that the average person in the UAE consumes about 3.5 kilos a year – over six million cups consumed per day on average. That is nearly $700 million spent on coffee each year alone and these numbers are gradually increasing[1]. The market is always in high-demand, and with the opening of our eighth branch, DXBlends is proud to offer its genuine blend and flavor-filled aroma coffee to the public.”

Combing art with passion, DXBlends only uses a state-of-the-art roastery setup and the most cutting-edge technology that helps baristas to roast and brew the coffee beans in a unique and natural way, leaving customers with an unforgettable and rich experience.

Eng. Anas Al Madani further added: “We are now rolling the franchise program for DXBlends and have received interest from many potential investors and coffee enthusiasts in the UAE and internationally, who would like to franchise this unique coffee experience. We believe that it is our duty to spread the Dubai Experience of third wave coffee across the UAE and the rest of the world. We believe that it will contribute to the vision of the UAE and also become an important soft power tool for the country to spread more knowledge about the UAE and its great culture.”

DXBlends has taken the concept even farther to accommodate the needs of the local community. While it still serves handmade baked delicacies using only the freshest ingredients, they also offer a wide-range of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items to allow guests to feel welcome for their long stays, and to remain comfortable throughout the entire day.

DXBlends is owned and operated by INDEX Trading and Investment a member of INDEX Holding – an Emirati owned and Dubai based strategic investment company which owns and operates several franchises such as the famous brands from Japan, Châteraisé and YOKU MOKU.


[1] https://fanack.com/united-arab-emirates/culture-of-uae/coffee-in-the-uae-an-ever-evolving-staple/

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