10th Arab Beverages Conference kickstarts in UAE to evaluate future of beverage industry in the region

10th Arab Beverages Conference kickstarts in UAE to evaluate future of beverage industry in the region

  • Conference is held under the theme ‘For a Sustainable Future’ and brings together several regional and global industry experts
  • Beverage industries in the KSA and the UAE have grown to USD 4.7 billion and USD 1.2 billion respectively by June 2022
  • The event also highlights partnership between Arab Beverages Association and International Fruit and Vegetable Juice Association

November 07, 2022

Arab Business Association kicked off day one of the 10th Arab Beverages Conference (ABCE), the Middle East’s biggest beverage event. Over 80 prominent business leaders of the beverage industry from the Arab countries and around the world are attending the conference. The conference, which is being held on November 7 and 8, 2022, at the H Dubai Hotel, also commemorates the partnership between the Arab Beverages Association (ABA) and International Fruit and Vegetable Juice Association (IFU).

The beverage industry is one of the Arab world’s fastest growing industries. Juices, malt and non-alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, water, sports drinks, and cordials make up the majority of products sold in the KSA and the UAE markets. By June 2022, both markets had experienced significant growth, with the KSA and the UAE markets reaching USD 4.7 billion and USD 1.2 billion respectively.

According to ABA, the industry has experienced rapid growth over the past 30 years, serving over 300 million consumers in the Arab region and worldwide. The 10th Arab Beverage Conference is bringing together several experts and industry leaders, in efforts to develop strategies and discuss the market’s growth and future, including distribution, supply chain, and logistics.

Some of the key topics being covered include future beverage trends and supply chain challenges, sustainable packaging, as well as changing consumer behaviour and its effects on the beverage industry. With annual production volume exceeding 10 billion litres, stakeholders will also consider the beverage industry as an ideal investment platform, in addition to its impact on supporting industries such as packaging, raw materials, and services. Additionally, the conference highlights the partnership between ABA and IFU, which is expected to increase membership by introducing new benefits and enabling current and new members to take advantage of both entities’ networks.

Monther Al Harthi, Chairman of ABA, stated: “We are delighted to host the Arab Beverages Conference once again, which is one of the Middle East’s largest beverage events. The conference gives us an ideal opportunity to collaborate and drive discussions on trending topics of the food and beverage industry. As the Middle East and Africa’s beverage market is anticipated to grow further and given the current growth, we can only expect greater consumer demand, particularly in the MENA region. As a result, we look forward to developing strategic plans to address challenges and present new ideas to ensure efficient operations, as well as highlight our efforts in contributing to a sustainable environment through our packaging and supply systems.”

The beverage industry attracts investors both locally and internationally, due to its great growth potential in the Arab market. The 10th Arab Beverages Conference provides an influential avenue for companies and professionals to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and will be a distinctive opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs to associate with related parties.

Major sponsors for this year’s event include Tetra Pak (Platinum Sponsor), Al Rabie Saudi Food Company (Gold Sponsor), and Orana (Gold Sponsor).


About Arab Beverages Conference and Exhibition (ABCE)

The Arab Beverages Conference is one of the events that has accompanied the ABA since its establishment and represents a one-of-a-kind occasion in the Arab world regarding its specialization in the beverage sector as it adds a new dimension to the Arab industrial conferences giving the latest insights into all aspects of the beverage business.

The event constitutes a practical platform to assess the developmental trends in the beverages industry and aims to study the restrictions facing the Arab companies working in this field and explore and encourage cooperation opportunities in the light of the latest developments and technologies – accompanied with the need for applying the quality principles and quality guarantees and for manufacturing in view of right environmental and health conditions.

The Conference also brings together the public and the private sector including industrial and agricultural organizations along with companies that specialize in beverages, packaging and related businesses. Moreover, it provides a unique opportunity for businessmen and investors to meet with concerned parties related to this industry to make new business contacts from across the supply chain. Through years, the conference has been held in different locations including Dubai (2008, 2017, 2019), Beirut (2010), Jeddah (2012), Cairo (2014), and Jordan (2015, 2016).

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