Ahmed El Sakka: ‘I love writing and poetry, and becoming an actor was not my initial career choice!’

Ahmed El Sakka: ‘I love writing and poetry, and becoming an actor was not my initial career choice!’

Egyptian actor joins Hani Sarhan, screenwriter of The Choice at a discussion panel at 41st Sharjah International Book Fair

Sharjah, November 05, 2022

Popular Egyptian actor and action hero, Ahmed El Sakka, revealed to his fans at the 41st Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) that he never intended to become an actor and instead, fancied becoming an art critic.

During a lively discussion moderated by media personality and TV presenter Sally Shahin, and which also hosted The Choice screenwriter Hani Sarhan, the Egyptian actor expressed his fondness for the annual SIBF.

Discussing his love for paper books, Ahmed El Sakka said: “Although the technologies have advanced and there are eBooks at the touch of a button, I still favour the old fashioned way of reading. I love the written word, especially short stories, and I still collect many old children’s stories from my time.”

Speaking on literature that can be adapted to TV and films, he said, “We have a galaxy of distinguished Egyptian writers and intellectuals; we only need to forget about reading and researching online and explore the old works of our authors.”

When asked about children’s exposure to Disney movies and superhero films, he said he would love to make one. “Technology and openness to other cultures have exposed viewers to new worlds. I am open to making action-hero movies; however, they require powerful scripts and huge budgets to create them.”

On acting in The Choice, he said he felt a huge responsibility to convey true stories following the January 25 Egyptian Revolution. He noted that the series was hugely successful and was received positively by fans.

For his part, screenwriter Hani Sarhan said he had to ensure that each character has a complete life shown in the series from every angle to make it as accurate and relatable as possible. He noted that each season of the TV show has a different story, which kept the show relevant and fresh.

Sarhan started scriptwriting in 2010 following his passion for cinema and TV, noting that he let the subject matter of his scripts build the setup and backdrop to ensure the authenticity and delivery of the messages, adding that he will try to write a novel in the near future.

The screenwriter said he is interested in developing content for children, noting that he has published a magazine called Hawadet Seti (Grandmother tales) for children that covers Egyptian culture and traditions.

He shared his excitement about being at SIBF surrounded by millions of titles, noting that he will be going around the pavilions to pick up books on his list.


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