‘The strongest way of communicating culture is through food’ says Italian chef Cristina Bowerman at SIBF 2022

The strongest way of communicating culture is through food’ says Italian chef Cristina Bowerman at SIBF 2022

Michelin starred chef tosses up a mouthwatering Italian dish at the Cookery Corner at 41st Sharjah International Book Fair

Sharjah, Nov 04, 2022

The Cookery Corner at the 41st Sharjah International Book Fair came to life as multi-talented Michelin starred chef Cristina Bowerman prepared Cacio e Pepe in a flavourful creamy pepper sauce for a packed audience.

”I call Cacio e Pepe ‘childhood pasta’ as it is a small rice-like pasta and is mostly made for young kids,” says Bowerman who is passionate about introducing innovative cooking methods.

“I always say, Italian food is doomed! Why? Because recipes and traditions in Italy are very strong. But tradition should be your strength not your anchor,” says the chef as the crowd expectantly watches her prepare the dish at a state-of-art cooking station at Expo Centre Sharjah.

Rows of her book Chef Cristina Bowerman incontra (meets) Eugenio Tibaldi are lined up on the counter of the SIBF Cookery Corner.

The broth for the pasta is prepared using a medley of peppers, which, aside from the usual red, white and pink, includes Cambodian pepper. “I found it in Slovakia!” Bowerman adds excitedly. “I will complete it with pecorino cheese, fermented lemon and salted lemon peels. It is totally vegetarian and has a twist of internationality.”

Passing the pepper sauce and fermented lemon for the audience to experience its fragrant aroma, Bowerman expertly strains out the sauce and starts plating the pasta as she passes on tips and tricks to the SIBF visitors.

“Did you know risotto is not a recipe but a technique?” she asks the audience. “And that in order to enhance spices, you have to extract their essential oils? Also, if you are allergic to garlic, use garlic oil instead or simply roast the garlic before using it.”

Bowerman believes the Italian cooking session at SIBF 2022 is all the more important as November is also the month that hosts the annual ‘Week of Italian Cuisine’. “It is very important that Italian chefs talk about our cuisine now,” concludes the Italian chef thanking SIBF for hosting Italy as the Guest of Honour at its 2022 edition.


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