Hospital in Dubai’s timely intervention avoided amputation of legs in a child suffering from rare congenital disease.

Hospital in Dubai’s timely intervention avoided amputation of legs in a child suffering from rare congenital disease.

Dubai November 2022

Adam Vital Hospital’s Center of Excellence for Limb Lengthening & Deformity Reconstruction in Dubai has recently completed its first anniversary and already touched the lives of multiple adults and children including 6 week old infants travelling from across the globe to seek world class care for the most complex Orthopaedic deformities.

One such triumphant story is of Saeed Abdulla, a 5 year old Emirati who was born with incomplete and deformed legs due to a rare congenital disease that affects one in every million births. Child was advised to undergo amputation of lower limbs by several local and international Orthopaedic Specialists. Grieving parents were referred to Adam Vital Hospital, a Specialized Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Facility in Dubai with its origin in Germany for a Second Medical Opinion prior to amputation. Subsequently undergoing a series of transformative limb lengthening & deformity correction procedures for both legs and an intensive rehabilitation protocol at Adam Vital Hospital, the child was successfully able to walk and run without aids.

The Professor Weber Center for Limb Lengthening & Deformity Reconstruction at Adam Vital Hospital is one of its kind center in the MENA region subspecialized in limb lengthening & deformity correction for adults and pediatric population. The Center of Excellence was established to instill hope and provide opportunities for individuals who had no efficacious treatment alternatives previously. Center’s unique expertise with a variety of bone reconstruction techniques enables them to sculpt bone and even create bone where there was none using most advanced German Medicine and innovative medical technology.

The Center run by globally renowned Consultant Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgeon from Germany, Prof. Dr Michael Weber has been instrumental ever since its launch to increase inbound medical tourism and limit outbound overseas medical treatment. Besides having successfully performed more than 10,500 surgeries, Prof. Dr Weber has multiple applaudable inventions and internationally patented limb lengthening & deformity reconstruction techniques to his name. Prof. Dr Weber has been treating children with rare types of Orthopaedic malformations for 30 years with great success.

“We used advanced techniques for limb lengthening using external fixators, tendons transplantation and cartilage reconstruction to restore the normal function of the lower limbs. It took almost 3 years with series of complex reconstruction and cosmetic surgeries to gradually make the leg’s size, length, shape, and strength appear and perform as a normal leg. This was followed up by long term robust rehabilitation program to avoid amputation. We at Adam Vital are committed to offer the best musculoskeletal care to our patients and change their lives for good”, said Prof. Dr Weber.

Saeed can today walk, run, and play which was impossible prior to his successful treatment. The incredible feeling of the parents and Saeed’s happiness being able to live a normal day to day life is an apt testament to Adam Vital Hospital’s motto “Step Back into Life”. Local and International patients can now avail such complex Orthopaedic Treatments within advanced clinical facilities by world renowned Orthopaedic & Spine surgeons right in the heart of Dubai without the need to travel overseas.

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