How to Take Stunning Photos During Golden and Blue Hour with HONOR 70 5G

How to Take Stunning Photos During Golden and Blue Hour with HONOR 70 5G

It is often said in photography that the best time to capture stunning photos is during the golden or blue hour. Golden Hour or Magical Hour is the period of daytime before sunset or shortly after sunrise when the sun appears a little above the horizon and paints the entire sky orange. The golden hour light is truly magical and creates some of the best photo opportunities each day. But finding the right settings for golden hour photography isn’t always easy. In photography, can be more or less than an hour before sunset or after sunrise, depending on where you live.

It’s a magical time that creates warm, reddish hues, soft, and directional rays which make the colors in images look stunningly vivid and dramatic. The light feels warmer, and you can also capture the sun better in your images, since it’s at a low angle in the sky.

It’s pretty easy to achieve outstanding images during the golden hours, all you need is scheduling the photoshoot, focusing on the subject, choosing the right angle and HONOR 70 5G, and all is set. 

Wide Scenes with the Sun

Wide angles are commonly used in Golden Hour. Sometimes they’re obtained via wide-angle lenses, and sometimes via panoramas. Featuring an ultra-wide 122° field of view, the HONOR 70 5G’s 50MP Ultra-Wide enables you to capture wider angles with greater ease and convenience, ideal for capturing a remarkably wide scope of a scene.

Taking advantage of the wide-angle lens during the magic hour gives you a huge benefit as it covers a larger area and you can capture everything in the scene.

Fascinating Close-ups with the Macro Magic

While landscape and nature golden hour photography is tremendously popular, macro photography is an amazing way to discover the “tiny world” and capture magnificent and highly detailed images of small subjects with exciting lighting effects. The key to the perfect shot is the closeness to the subject to get great details and depth in the picture.

Thanks to the innovations that allow smartphones nowadays to produce advanced and breath-taking shots of small subjects. Packed with 50 MP Macro lens setting, HONOR 70 5G’s 50MP Macro camera allows you to bring out the ultra-fine details of your close-up shots and benefit from this magical hour.

Glowing Selfies without Filters

During the golden hour, the sun is lower over the horizon creating longer shadows and flattering lighting situations you can benefit from for splendid selfies using nature’s free filter. With the sun shines fully on your face, you’re getting the best of the golden hour glowing directly on you. To achieve outstanding results, the HONOR 70 is equipped with a 32MP Super Clear Selfie Camera.

Aided by the device’s AI processing capabilities, you can take gorgeous selfies. Remember, you can take a golden hour selfie anywhere, the magic lies in the illumination and the camera.

Create Amazing Silhouettes

Photographers prefer snap silhouettes as it’s a wonderful way to showcase the subject in a mysterious mood. If you like shooting silhouettes, then you don’t have to bother with fill flash. The key to a successful silhouette is backlighting and sunsets are great for silhouettes, because of their vibrant colors. All you have to do is bring your HONOR 70 5G, capture the subject with the sunlight in the background, and you’ll end up with masterpieces. To create an astonishing silhouette, position your subject against a background and expose it for the background, leaving the subject in shadow.

The Sky’s Fabulous Colors After Sunset

Even when the sun has set, golden light dips below the horizon and meets dusk, the light can create a picturesque blue sky and an attractive opportunity for photographs. The “Blue Hour” normally lasts for 20 or 30 minutes depending on your location, where the light levels begin to drop significantly. To take advantage of this opportunity, you need to act fast, as the sky fades quickly. Knowing the limitations of photography at this time, The HONOR 70 5G is a game-changer when it comes to blue hour photography, since the 54MP Main Camera adopts an industry-leading 1/1.49-inch SONY IMX800 Sensor with f/1.9 aperture, enhancing low-light performance to deliver high-definition images in stunning clarity.

The sensor delivers optimized performance and an enhanced photography experience when capturing portraits in low-light environments, ensuring the subject stands out in any environment, be it backlighting landscape and portraits, super night mode, and night portrait and natural HD selfies.

In conclusion, photographs during this limited time can be challenging, however, it definitely worth the experience and with the aid of the perfect gadget, you can create wonders in the most photogenic light of the day.


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