His Excellency Anwar Gargash speaks on the UAE’s spirit of openness and the  importance of culture

His Excellency Anwar Gargash speaks on the UAE’s spirit of openness and the  importance of culture

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 25 October, 2022: His Excellency Anwar Gargash, diplomatic advisor to UAE President, addressed the audience on the last day of Culture Summit Abu Dhabi, speaking of the importance of such cultural gatherings in the UAE for the value that the bring to society.

“In our rapidly changing world, we must not only protect the culture and values that our nation was founded on, but we must harness them as our guiding light as we navigate our way through changing waters. The UAE is a nation built on exchanges, tolerance and open-mindedness toward different people and cultures. Those are powerful elements of our national identity. Even before unification, our society embraced people from diverse backgrounds with genuine desire to exchange knowledge so we could harness the best of everyone’s talents and appreciate points of commonality. And more than 50 years on the spirit of openness and ability to strengthen our cultural heritage while also looking outwards has been passed on from one generation to another.”

Gargash highlighted that culture is “what defines us as a nation,” adding that the UAE must continue to strive to showcase its distinctive cultural identity.

Culture Summit Abu Dhabi is organised by DCT Abu Dhabi in collaboration with global partner organisations bringing expertise in diverse fields, from culture and arts to media and technology. Partners include UNESCO, Economist Impact, Google, the Design Museum, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Foundation and the Recording Academy. Other participating partners include Image Nation Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Film Commission, Sandstorm Comics, Cultural Foundation, Louvre Abu Dhabi, Berklee Abu Dhabi, Culture Resource, Arab Fund for Arts & Culture, and the Institut Français.


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