SIBF 2022 will unite Egyptian actor Ahmed El Sakka with his fans

SIBF 2022 will unite Egyptian actor Ahmed El Sakka with his fans

During a panel discussion hosted by the 41st Sharjah International Book Fair that will also feature screenwriter Hani Sarhan

Sharjah, October 23, 2022

The 41st edition of the Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) has provided action movie buffs in the UAE with an exciting opportunity to meet Egypt’s renowned action hero, Ahmed El Sakka. The popular actor will be leading a panel discussion on Friday, November 4, which will also host screenwriter Hani Sarhan known for the television series, The Choice (AlEkhteyar)

The speakers will highlight unique aspects of their illustrious and successful careers, alongside discussing the most prominent films and series, which they played a part in.

Being held under the theme, “Spread the Word,” between 2-13 November in Expo Center Sharjah, SIBF 2022 will acquaint the audiences with El Sakka’s acting career, offering them valuable insights into the actor’s journey of becoming the big film star he is today. The actor will be delving into his most popular and critically acclaimed performances including “Ibrahim Labyad,” “Taymour and Shafika,” “Harb Atalia,” along with “Tito,” “Africano,” and most recently, “The Choice.”

Hani Sarhan will speak about a screenwriter’s essential role in both TV and film productions, and share his experiences in writing some of the most prominent Arab television series like “The Godfather,” “Al Fetewa,” “Lams Aktaf,” the 2nd and 3rd seasons of “The Choice.” Moreover, he will be exploring the Gulf TV series, which he wrote such as, “Wasiyat Badr,” “Qariat El Fingan,” “Anbar 6,” among others.

The upcoming edition of SIBF promises to live up to its cultural and literary importance in the UAE and the region with 1,047 cultural and creative activities, which will bring together elite writers, innovators, actors and actresses from the Arab region and the world.

Italy will be celebrated as the book fair’s Guest of Honour this year.


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