Sitecore Releases Three New Public Cloud Products and Services….

Sitecore Releases Three New Public Cloud Products and Services That Eliminate CX Barriers and Deepen Customer Engagement

Showcased at Sitecore Symposium 2022, these product offerings disrupt the CX status quo – from AI-powered Sitecore Search that enables smarter content discovery to Content Hub One, an innovative, headless CMS system allowing for agile experience delivery across multiple digital touchpoints, and more

Mohammed Alkhotani, Area Vice President, Sitecore Middle East & Africa

Dubai, UAE, Oct. 20, 2022 –  Sitecore®, a global leader in end-to-end digital experience software, announces a range of new, fully composable offerings and updates to help brands deepen customer engagement and elevate customer experiences across all channels. The new solutions include Sitecore Search, an innovative AI-powered search and discovery function that provides marketers with a unified delivery system; Content Hub One, an agile, headless CMS that seamlessly combines content modelling, authoring and consumption into a single interface; and Sitecore Connect, a technology stack optimizer that allows brands to seamlessly connect Sitecore products to their existing infrastructure.

Announced at Sitecore Symposium, an annual event that took place in Chicago, U.S. this year, the offerings demonstrate Sitecore’s commitment and innovative approach to solving marketing challenges amid ever-evolving consumer digital behaviors.

Sitecore has prioritized building out a comprehensive ecosystem where customers can access a diverse range of Saas-based, cloud native tools and services built on composable architecture that support widespread integration and scalability, and the company remains focused on innovating its product portfolio. With these enhanced tools and services, Sitecore works with brands to capitalize on its 1,200+ strong partner ecosystem and deep-rooted expertise in helping enterprise businesses manage and enhance the customer experience across all industries and regions.    

The new product offerings include:

Sitecore® Search

As consumers look for new ways (and channels) to quickly find information that caters to them, the power of search and discovery has never been more important to brands. Facing a digital search transformation — especially with users evolving away from text toward other content types like video — marketers need an intelligent search capability that leverages AI.

And Sitecore Search was built for this transformative moment, offering marketers a unified delivery system that serves hyper-relevant content through AI-powered search.

With predictive, type-ahead capabilities that help users find results faster and an AI-engine that amplifies specific content based on strategic business objectives or in response to customer feedback, Sitecore Search is a transformative content discovery solution that customizes how content is matched, sorted, and promoted to mirror the specific needs of a consumer’s search experience. This product is an intelligent plug-and-play solution that can be applied to an existing website in a matter of hours. Today, Sitecore Search powers’s search experience and will be available soon for all brands to implement.

Content Hub One

Realizing the varying need of brands, Sitecore has adapted its robust Content Hub offering for brands looking for entry points into digital experience delivery versus a holistic marketing strategy. The result is Content Hub One, a focused, agile headless CMS system that allows brands to launch and manage experiences on digital channels – e.g., web, mobile, smart displays, voice assistants, and marketplaces.

Content Hub One marries content modelling, authoring and consumption into one seamless platform giving developers the freedom to build frontends using any framework for data-driven content experiences, while allowing marketers to work in parallel to author content. This solution Is an entry point to the Sitecore content portfolio that allows customers – when they’re ready – to upgrade to the full capabilities of Content Hub. 

Sitecore Connect

Delivering on its promise of composability, Sitecore Connect – via a simple drag and drop UI – will allow brands to seamlessly and easily connect Sitecore products to an existing technology stack. With more than 1,000 connectors expected, Sitecore Connect will offer a low code / no code interface that will allow brands to build their own recipes or use the more than 400K community recipes expected to be offered through the product. Using Connect, brands can simply define a target system, set the flow and publish.

XM Cloud

In addition to unveiling three new products, Sitecore also announce further enhancements to Sitecore Experience Manager® (XM) Cloud, the cloud-native, modern CMS that empowers brands to create, manage, and deliver content faster than ever. With this upcoming release, brands can expect XM Cloud updates and innovations such as new editing interfaces, native personalization and testing capabilities.

GE Healthcare is realizing the value of XM Cloud in its ability to power instantaneous, global digital experiences in the cloud without sacrificing the customer experience. 

“We are constantly looking for new ways to support our customers with innovative digital experiences throughout their relationship with us,” said Suzanne Sparrow, GE Healthcare, VP, customer digital experience. “We’re excited about the potential of XM Cloud to help us accomplish our goals as it aligns well with our vision for our composable technology ecosystem. This will allow us to use best-for-us solutions while also making it easier for our teams on the digital delivery and support sides to create better experiences and spend less time on maintenance.” 

Steve Tzikakis, Sitecore CEO said: “Symposium is an important event for Sitecore. It’s, of course, a time to gather, reflect and celebrate with our partners and customers; but it’s also time to energize our efforts and put an intense focus on what’s next. As our digital world continues expanding, consumer behaviors continuously evolve, which challenges marketers to meet new expectations and demands. Our goal is to help brands navigate continued instability by ensuring the experiences they deliver to customers are positive, engaging and effective. Over the last year, we’ve made ambitious strides in delivering on our commitment to innovate and build the next generation of marketing tools. We look forward to expanding our product portfolio and continuing to serve as an expert partner to marketers.”

Mohammed Alkhotani, Area Vice President, Sitecore Middle East & Africa, said: “The new capabilities and enhancements to the Sitecore suite are ideal for the increasingly sophisticated Middle East market, where we are seeing consumer habits rapidly evolving. This is driving brands to seek out solutions that are agile and flexible so that they can respond quickly to changes in consumer preferences, and continuously improve their digital experience offerings. Speaking to existing and potential clients and partners, we have learnt that customers’ digital expectations are far greater than they were previously. We believe, therefore, that the composability of Sitecore’s evolving platform is a major advantage as brands can implement any combination of enhancements or new solutions to meet the specific demands of their customers very quickly.”

For more information about Sitecore’s product offerings, visit To read about all products and news announced at Sitecore Symposium, visit  

Note to editors: We would be happy to arrange a written interview with a prominent regional brand if you would like to find out more about how it uses Sitecore to power digital experiences and make deep connections with customers. 

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