The All-New HONOR X6 Beats Samsung A03, Samsung A03S in Camera features, Fast Charging, Storage and More

The All-New HONOR X6 Beats Samsung A03, Samsung A03S in Camera features, Fast Charging, Storage and More

The HONOR X Series has consistently outperformed other rivals with its distinctive specifications and functionalities. Recently, HONOR launched HONOR X6, the latest member of HONOR’s reliable X Series. The features of the HONOR X6 remain unbeatable in performance for the everyday scenarios. If we tick off typical smartphone review boxes, the HONOR X6 is clearly the superior device with better camera, more storage with a 1TB storage option, longer battery life and fast charging, all at an affordable price. Here are some features that keep giving HONOR X6 an edge over Samsung A03, Samsung A03S.

Groundbreaking 50MP Triple Camera

A top of these specs is its 50MP triple camera, The HONOR X6 features a rear triple camera setup comprising a 50MP Main Camera – the highest achieved among Samsung A03S, Samsung A03 and Oppo A16 – a 2MP Macro Camera, and a 2MP Depth Camera. The impressive combination of cameras allows users to easily capture and record all their favorite memories, fulfilling their appetite for creative expression anytime, anywhere.

The 50MP primary sensor continues to excite photography fanatics with its prowess and clarity. The primary sensor delivers vivid details and realistic colors in complex images. The sharpness of the HONOR X6 photos is breath-taking compared to other devices, and they are captured with absolute precision.

Additionally, HONOR X6 has a macro mode which wasn’t seen in Samsung A03. The 2MP Macro Lens shoots with clarity and a high level of detail allowing you to bring out the ultra-fine details of close-up shots. It’s perfect for those who love to capture details of flowers, plants, food, or other small objects.

Immense Battery and Exceptional Fast Charging

Talking about the The HONOR X6 provides users with an extraordinary long-lasting battery to keep them powered throughout the day on a single charge. The 5000mAh battery enables up to 17 hours of online video streaming, 18 hours of social media browsing, or 31 hours of music playback. Packed with a 10W charge – the fastest compared to Samsung A03 and Samsung A03S which come with 7.8W, the HONOR X6 enables users to fully charge their devices rapidly.

Expandable Storage up to 1TB

There’s nothing more frustrating than when you want to download content to your phone, and you receive a ‘storage full’ notification, delaying your enjoyment of an e-book or TV series. With more memory on the go, the HONOR X6 includes 4+64GB of storage right out of the box while Samsung A03 and Samsung A03S come with 3+32GB only, and with the expandable storage for up to 1TB of MicroSD expandable storage, HONOR X6 meets the different storage requirements of users.

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