5 Things To Discover At ZOYA Health & Wellbeing Resort

5 Things To Discover At ZOYA Health & Wellbeing Resort

Discover, heal, and live at the ultimate wellness retreat destination

UAE’s prime wellness retreat destination, ZOYA Health & Wellbeing Resort is the region’s first fully integrated wellness experience offering a unique and holistic approach to healing journeys.

Guests are invited to experience ZOYA’s myriad benefits and use them to their full potential as they embark on a journey to peace, balance, and rejuvenation. Guests will be able to create customized wellbeing retreat journeys or opt for one of the existing retreats available. Detoxing and therapeutic fasting are essential to what the resort offers, along with physiotherapy, rehab ,integrative & aesthetic medicine to boost vitality and vigor.


Located at Al Zorah, occupying 5.4 million square meters of lush coastal land, the lagoons and mangrove forests of Al Zorah are home to an astonishing variety of native marine and plant life, and also shelter flocks of resident and migratory birds. ZOYA is a mere 25 minutes by car from Dubai International Airport.

The boutique-style health retreat is located on the Al Zorah Golf Club, and is sure to be a hit with golf enthusiasts. Guests will also be able to enjoy outdoor activities such as cycling, kayaking and nature walks. More than a wellness resort, ZOYA is a special space that protects, nourishes, and invigorates the mind, body and soul. Guests are ensured leaving feeling rejuvenated and motivated with advice to cope with daily challenges in life.


While enjoying a luxury stay, guests can choose any one of the health optimization programs to reap the proven benefits such as improved digestion, healthier skin, boosted metabolism, strong immunity, high morale & more. 

With the guidance and expertise of holistic medical and wellness professionals, each guest’s retreat programme is customised based on a consultation with in-house experts. With nine different retreat programs available, including Wellcation, immune support, detox, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, weight management, liver support, rejuvenation, get fit and anti-ageing, there is a retreat program suitable for everyone.


ZOYA will help rebalance your mind and body with signature treatments featuring stress-melting massages, scrubs, bath rituals and organic wraps. For your ultimate personalized massage experience, ZOYA employs certified holistic therapists who specialize to deliver a memorable  treatment.

The spa treatments offered at the resort include hydrotherapy, Fin & Infared saunas, Vichy shower and Turkish Hammam, each available in separate male, female and couples spa areas, assuring that guests will leave ZOYA with a greater understanding of how to live a healthier lifestyle all while enjoying the ultimate relaxing experience.


Having a healthy lifestyle also comes with being physically active which is why ZOYA invites guests to take advantage of its medical and aqua gym, along with a variety of other fitness classes, mindfulness activities and a boot camp.

As a first step on the journey to healing, doctors and a holistic medical team will assess the vital signs followed by a wellness ambassador who will design a plan that is tailored to the individual. The medical fitness centre at ZOYA features the latest German high-end equipment, and expert staff will help guests meet their fitness goals.

ZOYA offers a healing journey that focuses on healthy weight loss in a serene atmosphere, using the latest scientific advances. Featuring therapeutic fasting for weight loss and the building of powerful new habits supported by mindfulness lectures & workshops, this revolutionary program is built on three key pillars: toxin removal, natural and IV therapies and a tranquil healing environment supported by mental guidance.


At ZOYA, only the freshest, seasonal ingredients are used at the plant-based restaurant and juice bar, where a strict “conscious food policy” turns superb ingredients into therapeutic culinary experiences. The resort’s master nutritionists and chef combine the healthiest ingredients into fine-dining menus tailored to guests’ needs and wellness journeys. Specialties include enzyme-rich cold-pressed juices, nutritious organic salads, and low-calorie desserts all free of carbs & sugar.

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