Oman Ministry of Heritage and Tourism Launches ‘Marhaba Oman’ Event

Oman Ministry of Heritage and Tourism Launches ‘Marhaba Oman’ Event

Muscat, Oman, Oct 2022: Oman Ministry of Heritage and Tourism is launching the ‘Marhaba Oman event from October 16 to 21, which brings together several tourism professionals and key experts from several GCC countries including the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait. The goal of the event is to open new avenues in Oman tourism; and to showcase to the world how the Sultanate has developed Its tourism offerings over the years.  In addition, the event will also bring to focus the smart promotion of tourism products, services and strengthen relations with the surrounding countries to elevate Oman tourism.

‘Marhaba Oman’ event is part of a series of events and programs organized by Oman Ministry of Heritage and Tourism to support and promote the tourism sector and increase economic growth, create job opportunities, and maximize the benefit of society and its small and medium enterprises. The event is also a platform to celebrate and support efforts that contribute to the development of the tourism industry, as well as to look forward to strategic agreements and joint ventures, which will enable Oman to provide a competitive advantage and attractive tourism packages to visitors.

The event is in line with the Oman Ministry of Heritage and Tourism promotional campaign to promote Oman as a tourist destination during the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The ‘Marhaba Oman’, will include several meetings, discussions, workshops, and dialogues related to tourism and heritage. The goal is to elevate the tourism offerings of Oman in association with hotel facility managers, tourism companies, national airlines and everyone interested in the tourism sector. Tourism is one of the main economic drivers of the Sultanate, and Oman is keen to receive cooperation from all stakeholders in the industry to make this event a memorable one.

Haitham bin Mohammed Al Ghassani, Director General of Tourism Promotion at the Oman Ministry of Heritage and Tourism said: “The Sultanate attracts high number of tourists from Gulf countries to various Oman cities` that are famous for their exquisite natural beauty, history and authenticity of heritage, as well as the exceptional tourism offers it provide to its visitors. The promotional tours organized by our stakeholders and local communities providing an ideal opportunity for our partners in the Gulf to learn about the world-class tourism experiences and discover the exclusive offers and unique events offered by the Sultanate.”

“Through the launch of Marhaba Oman’, we are keen to strengthen our capabilities and attract 11 million visitors by 2040,” added Haitham bin Mohammed Al Ghassani, expressing his confidence to move steadily towards concluding new partnerships with local travel and tourism agencies and thus cementing the tourism sector in the Sultanate and consolidating its competitive position on the global tourism map.

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