Dubai a regional hub in medical tourism investment

Dubai a regional hub in medical tourism investment

Dr. Majd Naji: Dubai is the number one destination for medical tourism and investment in the medical field in the region

The emirate is an ideal environment for investments in various medical specialties

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

 Thursday 6 October 2022

The Emirate of Dubai is the first Middle East and North Africa destination for medical tourism and investment in various specialties. It has the best environment to attract future medical investments.

Dr. Majd Naji, founder of Liberty Dental Clinics, said that Dubai enjoys a stimulating and attractive investment environment in all sectors. The health sector is in focus especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, which reinforced the need for people to pay more attention to their health than before.

Naji stressed the support provided by Dubai government to the private medical sector, which reflected positively on the process of development and medical tourism in the emirate amid a wide turnout of health tourists, which confirms the development reached by medical facilities in Dubai, whether governmental, private or multinational, and the high level of medical competencies. Those facilities boost the value of diversity in subspecialties.

He revealed that the Dubai Health Authority has enacted several laws that would increase the confidence that the medical sector enjoys in the country, in addition to the fact that the establishment of the Dubai Health Tourism Council works to attract patients from outside the country, as well as medical competencies and investors.

Dr. Naji believes that Dubai is a stimulating environment for work and success, and provides attractive opportunities for investment in medical tourism, especially with foreign tourists searching for an environment in which all types of tourism are available for an ideal vacation.

Dr. Naji indicated that health facilities in Dubai are adopt highest international standards, and work under the direct and permanent supervision of the Health Authority, which is conducting close follow-up to ensure the highest quality.

Dr. Naji said chose Dubai for his medical center due to several reasons, most notably the great facilities he obtains, and the ease of patients access to Dubai which connects East to West. Foreigners make 32% of all patient. Liberty Dental Clinics encourages medical tourism in the emirate, as it holds many international conferences on dentistry, covered by media. 

Dr. Naji stated that Dubai is full of life throughout the year, with the continuation of organizing various exhibitions and entertainment events that raise the experience of visitors inside and outside the country.

He pointed out that the health sector is one of the most attractive investment sectors in Dubai, as a new medical facility is licensed every 24 hours, in addition to licensing 37 health professionals, thanks to the great facilities that investors enjoy and quick licensing procedures when they meet the standards and specifications set by the Dubai Health Authority, Which adopts an innovative and multidisciplinary approach to healthcare and strives to improve the lives of community members.

Dubai strives to make the individual’s experience a priority in providing care through a coordinated network of services that meets the needs of individuals and ensures their safety, and lives up to the aspirations, expectations and preferred choices of individuals, their families and caregivers, and also ensures their involvement in making decisions about the care and treatment provided to them.

Dr. Naji also praised the speed of response and the extent of cooperation and great support provided by the Dubai Health Authority, especially the Department of Health Regulation and the Department of Medical Education and Research for all medical institutions and cadres in the emirate.

Dubai received about 630,000international health tourists during the year 2021, while the medical expenses of international patients amounted to approximately Dhs730 million which make a record number in terms of the global Covid-19 pandemic conditions, which during the past two years caused a state of international stagnation for this type of tourism.

Data of the Dubai Health Authority show most of the tourists who came to the Emirate of Dubai for treatment and hospitalization were from Asian countries by 38%, followed by Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States by 24%, Arab countries and the Gulf Cooperation Council by 22%, and 55% were international health tourists of males and 45% of females.

Data also show that the three medical specialties that most attract health tourists are dermatology, 43%, dentistry, 18%, and gynecology, 16%. Tourists who came to Dubai from three continents, namely Asia, Europe and Africa, accepted medical specialties. Others at varying rates included orthopedics, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, fertility treatments.

These achievements come as part of the continuous efforts made by the Dubai Health Authority to raise the level of efficiency and quality of health services provided by health facilities in the emirate. Dubai is keen to be in line with the best international standards and practices, which focus on patient safety, and in a manner that enhances the competitiveness of the health system in Dubai as an ideal destination for health and medical tourism, and a leading destination in the field of medical education, research and scientific innovation.

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