Dubai-Based Mr. Regimen Champions Clean Beauty & Positive Masculinity for Men

Dubai-Based Mr. Regimen Champions Clean Beauty & Positive Masculinity for Men

 Dubai, UAE; Founded in 2022, Mr. Regimen is on a quest to transform men’s self-care and authentic self-expression into the new normal, making men’s personal care products easier to access and understand through its ecommerce website Mr. Regimen is reimagining Men’s grooming as an ecosystem built around the daily practice of self-care and self-creation. Not only does it provide greater understanding about the right products to use and how to use them, but also underscores and nurtures the cultural importance of men’s aesthetic self-care through blogs and articles on the site.

Mr. Regimen distinguishes itself in hand picking only natural products devoted to men, curating top-tier brands to sell on its online store, with a focus on products that employ the greatest natural, eco-friendly, clean, organic, and cruelty-free ingredients specifically formulated for men’s skin, hair and body. stocks only the world’s most respected and award-winning products in categories such as:

  • Skin care products by The Grey, Jaxon Lane, Grown Alchemist, Patricks & Colekt;
  • Hair & Beard grooming products by Patricks, The Groomed Man Co, & Murdock London;
  • Body and personal care by Salt & Stone, Selahatin, The Good Mood Co among many other top-tier brands.

Feeling good in your own skin involves more than just washing your face. The average soaps and shampoos include harmful chemicals such as parabens which change the PH of the skin, kill healthy bacteria and strip away vital oils. You can now buy the best natural, paraben & sulfate free products to promote healthy habits, such as the Face Fuel Cleanser from The Groomed Man Co. & The Grown Alchemist Strengthening Shampoo & Thickening Conditioner. It makes men’s grooming easier with products such as the 3 in 1 Face Cream by The Grey for daily face & eye moisturizing, Daily Face & Body Wash by Murdock London & Cool Cola Hair & Beard Shampoo by The Groomed Man Co.

It goes further by offering guidance on how to utilize products and guiding important dialogues about the new, healthy masculinity. Mr. Regimen wants to change the narrative on men’s use of beauty products and embrace the notion that it’s ok for men to take care of themselves from the inside out. Furthermore, as it might be difficult to find the best product suited for your needs, you can take an online Regimen Builder test to guide your decision based on your skin type recommending specific products to match your personal care needs. offers worldwide delivery, and free of charge 90 minute deliveries in Dubai and next day delivery across the UAE powered by Quiqup. All products are delivered in eco-friendly packaging in a reusable tote bag made with recycled materials.

Ready to start your personal care routine and switch to natural, eco-friendly, men’s grooming products? Visit

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About Mr. Regimen

Mr. Regimen is a Dubai-based online retailer offering multiple types of men’s grooming products that include skincare, body care, hair care, beard care, oral care and more. A champion of eco-friendly practices, the company also offers health supplements and provides personalized grooming regimens as well as grooming tips for men. Mr. Regimen offers delivery of its products anywhere in the world as well as a 90-minute local delivery.

About the Founder:

Mr. Regimen was founded by Hani Al Jundi, who had worked in the beauty & consumer industry and knows first-hand how underserved this market is. He is a champion of clean, ethical brands and new positive masculinity. “Positive Masculinity is about self-expression in a way to make your inner self feel comfortable, even when challenging stereotypes and norms. As middle eastern men, we are taught to behave in a certain way, and if we deviate from those behaviors, we are not manly enough. Masculinity for me is breaking down those pre-conditioned barriers and championing that whatever you do to make you feel like your authentic self is considered masculinity. It’s the courage to go out into the world with that perspective”

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