Discover Alagoas: A Splendid Getaway With Secluded Beaches, Exquisite Gastronomy And Rich Culture

Discover Alagoas: A Splendid Getaway With Secluded Beaches, Exquisite Gastronomy And Rich Culture

Alagoas is a small coastal state in the Northeast region of Brazil with a tropical coastline of palm trees, white-sand beaches, clear lagoons and coral reefs. Its capital city of Maceió has emerged as a popular vacation destination among both Brazilians and international tourists with stunning modern hotels by the coast, exciting adventure activities and eclectic restaurants and immersive cultural offerings.

Discover isolated, paradise-like stretches of white sand, emerald waters and quaint villages along the coast of Alagoas with your family and friends on your next trip to Brazil. Here are the top 3 things to explore when in Alagoas:

  1. Beaches and adventure activities
  2. Local Gastronomy
  3. Rich history and culture

Discover the stunning beaches and adventure activities

Alagoas offers an oasis of peace and relaxation. Maragogi has become a hot spot for ecotourism in Brazil. It is a popular beach located in a wide tropical lagoon with coral reefs, attracting many connoisseurs of scuba diving. Crystal clear waters combined with branched corals and mesmerising marine species, make it a great destination for snorkelling, suitable for beginners and pros alike. The coast here is a part of the Coral Coast protected area rich in fauna and flora.

The capital of Alagoas, Maceio has one of the most beautiful urban waterfronts in Brazil and is the largest city in Alagoas. Centrally located, it offers everything from city adventures to exotic beaches. Its main three beaches, Pajuçara, Ponta Verde and Jatiúca, are responsible for the city’s success. Maceió’s waterfront promenade draws attention to its local handicraft stalls and restaurants.

The city of São Miguel dos Milagres is popular among tourists looking for secluded and less-crowded beaches. The city has five beaches, one different from the other, all with unspoilt beauty, stunning coconut trees and natural pools. Besides beaches, São Miguel dos Milagres also offers other activities including a buggy ride, bike rides along the coast, raft rides and a viewpoint overlooking the coast.

Discover the local gastronomy

The gastronomy of Brazil can best be described as a mix of native ingredients and foreign culinary influences, mostly Portuguese, West African, and Japanese. The cuisine is heavily influenced by coconut milk, as well as spices such as paprika, ginger, cumin, coriander and malagueta (a small and hot aromatic pepper) along with local exotic fruits, fresh and dried seafood and meat. A few must-try local dishes include Acarajé or Abará, popular Brazilian snacks consisting of black-eyed peas or beans that are mashed into a paste, then fried or steamed in a banana leaf. Other staple dishes in the north-eastern region are Sururu or local mussels and Carne de sol, salted sun-dried meat, traditionally prepared with either beef or goat meat.

Discover the rich history and culture

Brazil is a great destination to experience rich culture. The city of Penedo in the south of Alagoas offers artistic and cultural heritage. Discover the history of the city and true Brazilian culture through the local photo exhibitions, musicals, concerts, street festivals and other spontaneous celebrations in the city. The small town of São Miguel dos Milagres is part of the Ecological Route, northern coast of Alagoas known for its simplicity and charming views.

How to get to Alagoas: Alagoas is 2.5hours flight from Rio de Janeiro. Emirates offers direct flights to Rio de Janeiro from Dubai.


The Brazilian Tourist Board (Embratur) is responsible for implementing National Tourism Policy in the areas of promotion, marketing, and marketing support for Brazilian tourist destinations, services, and products in the international market. Embratur helps to generate social and economic development for the country by increasing the flow of international tourists to national destinations.


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