Esports Management Group launches regional esports league with inaugural PUBG MOBILE pro tournament

Esports Management Group launches regional esports league with inaugural PUBG MOBILE pro tournament

The EMG Pro Tournament will feature 32 of the best regional teams competing for a prize pool of $8,000.

The tournament kicks off the EMG League which promises to bring more esports tournaments and events to the region.

DUBAI, UAE, 26 SEPTEMBER 2022: Esports Management Group (EMG), Dubai’s biggest esports events organizer, announces the launch of EMG Pro Tournament 2022. In what is the first event that introduces an exciting new era for esports in the UAE and wider Middle East, the inaugural EMG Pro Tournament 2022 will feature teams from across the region competing for a prize pool of $8,000. This event kicks off the new EMG League, which promises to bring more frequent tournaments to the region.

The invitation only seven-day EMG Pro Tournament will be livestreamed and consists of 32 of the best regional teams taking each other on in a PUBG MOBILE tournament. Qualifiers for the tournament run from October 20th to 23rd with the grand finals taking place from October 28th to 30th. Fans can tune in on YouTube to catch all the action.

Darrach Campbell, Management Director said: “The esports scene in the UAE and wider Middle East region has grown exponentially in recent years. Many more gamers are now involved and excited to take part in competitions. Unfortunately, there has been little consistency in the region’s tournaments in the past, which in turn has stifled local talent and prevented the esports community from reaching its potential. As a Dubai-grown company, EMG is determined to change that and help cultivate a community of gamers who can pursue their passion to the highest levels.”

The announcement of the competition highlights EMG’s determination to foster the skill and enthusiasm of the region’s gamers and nurture a thriving esports scene. The EMG Pro Tournament 2022 forms part of a wider series of events and competitions that allow gamers of differing skill levels to compete against each other in different games under the EMG League.

The EMG League aims to create continuous and consistent competition in the form of various tournament series that will take place in the coming year and then run annually. In this way EMG will help to establish a reliable platform for aspiring and professional gamers to develop their skills and grow the esports scene in the region.

The League is split into three categories that enable players to progress through different stages:

EMG Open Series

Is the ideal starting point for any aspiring pro gamer from the region. Players can simply sign up and put their skills to the test by competing against other budding gamers. Each Open tournament will have grand prizes throughout the season with select Open Series winners eligible to take part in the EMG Pro Series.  There will be two EMG Open tournaments:  EMG Open Levant & North Africa and EMG Open GCC & Iraq.

EMG Pro Series

This is where the region’s best talent will face off against each other across various competitions during the season. These events are reserved for the best and will be invitation only. The EMG Pro Series will be livestreamed on different social media platforms and feature various tournaments before culminating in a final event – the EMG Legends Cup.

Only the best regional teams will be invited to take part in the Pro Series along with a select number of winners from the EMG Open. The EMG Pro Series will have extensive group matches with teams earning points to be at the top of their groups. Emerging at the top of the EMG Pro series will award a significant prize and take players to the ultimate challenge – the EMG Legends Cup. The EMG Pro Series features two stages taking place within the season: EMG Pro Levant & North Africa and EMG Pro GCC & Iraq.

EMG Legends Cup

It all culminates in the EMG Legends Cup involving the winning Pro series teams from across the region on a live stage during the EMG Gaming Festival Dubai in May of 2023.  With this tournament being the crown-jewel of the EMG league, players and visitors are in for jaw-dropping production as well as a spectacular stage with top-notch audiovisual experience to elevate the teams’ performance. Not only will the winner be crowned an EMG Legend, but they will also enjoy their share of a much larger prize pool. It is the ultimate destination for a Middle East-based gamer, who will not only show off his skills in front of a live audience but will also be broadcasted around the world.

EMG is an esports agency based in the UAE that is working to bring consistent and more frequent esports events to the MENA Region. For more details about EMG, the EMG League and EMG Pro Tournament, please visit or connect with us on social media on @esportsemg.

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