Setting the city ablaze, Jun’s introduces enhanced offering with carefully crafted new menu additions 

Dubai, UAE – September 2022: Jun’s, the progressive Asian restaurant in the heart of Downtown Dubai has quickly established itself in the city’s dining scene as a must-try culinary hotspot and it’s clear to see why! A joint passion project between Chef-Partner Kelvin Cheung and Director of Kings Group Ventures Neha Anand, Jun’s is a modern culinary destination that serves up Asian flavours reimagined in a progressive format – now with new additions to its already much-loved menu.  

Chef Kelvin, the culinary genius behind Jun’s, has enhanced the restaurant’s masterfully curated menu with the addition of a range of brand-new dishes that capture the nostalgic flavours of North American Asian cuisine, introducing unique combinations that challenge diners to think about Asian food in a different way. 

A culmination of his experiences from his journey through life, the menu at Jun’s combines Chef Kelvin’s food memories from his childhood with ideas, techniques, and skills he acquired from his father’s restaurants and his time working across Toronto, Chicago, Vancouver, Belgium, and India. With each dish, Chef Kelvin has reimagined his own favourite dishes and flavours, creating a menu that tells his personal story through the food.  

Some of the new starters on the enhanced menu include Bread and Hot Honey Butter, a dish comprising soft hot honey chili butter served with a side of fresh, house-baked Vietnamese banh mi bread with fermented black garlic; Escargot Chinois, a plate of French escargot with Chinois butter, fine herbs, soya sauce and garlic; and Cantonese Lobster Roll with butter poached Atlantic lobster and ginger scallion chutney served in brioche. 

Another highlight dish from the “cold littles” section of the menu is the Scallop and Corn, a plate consisting of Hokkaido scallops seasoned with house-made Yuzu Kosho over warm crispy rice and corn puree, inspired by Chef Kelvin’s childhood in Canada, where each summer his family made weekly trips to local farms to pick fresh corn and other fruits and vegetables, which remains one of his fondest memories growing up. 

With Mapo Burrata, Chef Kelvin added an unexpected Asian twist to the classic Italian cheese, dressed in Szechuan sauce, sprinkled with Mapo chili powder, and served with charred tomatoes and sourdoughThe Szechuan Braised Eggplant offers another unexpected flavour combination, made with fresh Japanese eggplant, walnuts, ricotta, pomegranate, and tiger bite sauce. 

Moving further down the menu, Chef Kelvin has introduced Jalapeño Onion Wagyu Burger, consisting of smashed down Wagyu patty, comeback sauce and American cheese served on a Hawaiian bun, creating the ultimate comfort dish. Another highlight dish from the grill is the Fremantle Octopus, a dish of Spanish octopus with potatoes, brown butter and caper ginger scallion sauce, while the Mala Cuttlefish brings some heat to the menu, combining crispy cuttlefish with Szechuan peppercorn, Chinese heaven chili, garlic and scallion. 

Those feeling especially hungry can dive into Jun’s “not so littles” and try the Dan Dan Spaghettini, a classic noodle dish with a twist that pays homage to Chef Kelvin’s years running a pasta station at one of Toronto’s busiest Italian restaurants, served with mushroom broth, spaghettini, mustard greens, peanuts, and scallions. Other new menu items include Chili Butter Garlic Jumbo Prawns; Grilled Oysters of the Day; andMacanese Lobster and Mantou with Atlantis lobster, Madras curry, mantou and parmesan, which is also available in a vegetarian version of Macanese Mushroom and Mantou. 

The dessert selection has also been enhanced with the addition of Basque Cheesecake with Strawberry, a fun play on the traditional cheesecake with Szechuan peppercorn berry compote, fresh berries, and gluten-free cookie crumble; and Mango, a new dessert with mango elderflower panna cotta, coconut sago, coconut almond crumble and mango leather. 

The new dishes complement signature Jun’s favourites, promising diners a sublime culinary offering combined with an unparalleled vibe. 

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