A Smart Future Made Possible with Al Fardan Exchange L.L.C Launching its New App, AlfaPay

A Smart Future Made Possible with Al Fardan Exchange L.L.C Launching its New App, AlfaPay

Dubai, UAE / 16 September 2022 – Al Fardan Exchange L.L.C, the leading money transfer and currency exchange firm which is licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has announced the launch its new user-friendly app, AlfaPay, yesterday. The launch took place at Raffles The Palm Dubai and was attended by several members of the Al Fardan family, board members, and employees and accompanied with various esteemed guests as well.

AlfaPay, an innovative and secure mobile app, can be used to send money, pay bills and much more. With easy login access, registered Al Fardan Exchange customers can use their UAE Pass, Emirates Face Recognition or their mobile number and experience instant and secure money transfers to beneficiaries in several countries. The service comes with the option of cash pick-up, and instant credit to your account as well as E-wallets across the globe. AlfaPay offers competitive FX rates and a low transfer fee for remittances. Additionally, the app offers users a simple step-by-step process to verify their KYC profile without visiting a physical location.

Customers can also use the app to pay their bills for national and international utility payments and allows WPS customers to access their PayEZ account. AlfaPay accepts Visa and Mastercard in the form of both debit and credit cards and provides secure online banking access when making payments. These can also be done physically at any Al Fardan Exchange Branch. The AlfaPay app will keep evolving as more features will be added along the way.

Hasan Fardan Al Fardan, CEO of Al Fardan Exchange L.L.C., said: “It is with great pleasure that we are announcing the launch of our app AlfaPay. At Al Fardan Exchange, we have always kept the customer as our primary focus and so it is important to us to constantly develop and enhance their user experience. AlfaPay is a service we have been wishing to extend to our users, and through the sheer efforts of our team, we are able to launch this app successfully to the multitude of our customers and across various countries.”

Hasan Jaber, Deputy CEO of Al Fardan Exchange L.L.C., added: “By offering an easy and user-friendly app that is available no matter where users may be, AlfaPay will now make it even more convenient to send money and make payments, with access right at your fingertips.”

AlfaPay is now available download on Android and Apple Devices. For more information, please visit us at alfardanexchange.com/

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