Atelier Forgēr Launches in the Middle East

Atelier Forgēr Launches in the Middle East

This modern & sustainable women’s fashion label lovingly created by Syrian designer Tarek Abou Samra launches its first collection in the Middle East

UAE, Dubai, August: Founded in Lebanon in 2021, Atelier Forgēr is a sustainably driven women’s ready-to-wear, brand that celebrates fine tailoring and timeless modernity. All designs are hand crafted and cut to order, with ethically sourced materials of the finest quality, while supporting master artisans within the Lebanese  community. Forgēr are adamant believers and champions of Slow Fashion. 

Naming the brand Forgēr is a salute to all artisans who “forge” forward with authentic, handmade creations that speak their truth and the inaugural launch of “The Lagom” collection speaks volumes about the brand’s dedication to creating wearable, timeless, sophisticated, and beautifully striking pieces for the modern woman.

Whilst clearly motivated by contemporary design, the launch collection was also inspired by the golden era of the 1950’s, with its wonderfully flattering and super feminine lines, which include cinched waists, pencil skirts, statement shirts and sharp cuts that provide a versatility of combining and matching with the customer’s capsule wardrobe, reflecting a continual statement in fashion.

Whilst boasting an edgy aesthetic, rest assured the whole collection is accessible and wearable. Every woman can see herself wearing at least one of the pieces, whether it’s the signature ‘Cross Wrap Shirt’, ‘Corset Vest’, ‘Curve Jacket’ or ‘Back Tale Dress’. Each piece is an investment that will remain in her wardrobe for years to come.

The unique vision, passion, and talent of Creative Director and Founder Tarek Abou Samra runs through the veins of Atelier Forgēr. Born in Syria, Tarek studied Graphic Design at Fine Arts College whereafter he continued his studies in Fashion Design, firmly cementing his love for fashion. He has worked alongside haute-couture designers such as Nicholas Jebran and Abed Mahfouz, to name a few.

It then came Tarek’s turn to create his own brand and so Atelier Forgēr was born in 2021. He says “I wanted to create a beautiful collection of hand-crafted pieces made from ethically sourced materials. We are champions of beautiful silhouettes, built with comfort and modern elegance in mind. We are also deeply dedicated to preserving traditional craftsmanship of designs through Lebanese blacksmiths and purveyors. For example, we incorporate hand-forged brass buttons handcrafted by local artisans, now a signature element of the brand.”

“Atelier Forgēr hopes to bring a special perspective on a role of craft through sustainably-driven designs. We work hard to capture the essence of perpetual collections by celebrating the intertwined middle eastern and western culture. We are proud to represent an appreciation of a slow consumption in fashion where trends come and go at rapid speed.”

Atelier Forgēr is available to purchase at FLTRD Concept Store, DIFC, Dubai, UAE

           Official Website:

                                                                , Dubai, UAE

                                                           Los Angeles, USA

                                                        Homegrown Market, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 

Prices range from USD 150– USD 650

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