Volofinance Launches Innovative App, Signs Accord with Vlado Brokers

Volofinance Launches Innovative App, Signs Accord with Vlado Brokers

The high-end event in Dubai drew top financial experts, investors, business leaders, and crypto specialists from across the region

Dubai, UAE, 30 August 2022: Volofinance, the UAE’s premier asset management financial service provider, announced the launch of its innovative next-generation App, ideal for beginners and professional investors to help them grow their financial knowledge of metals, forex as well as crypto.

The launch coincided with the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with Vlado Brokers, a licensed and regulated online trading and investment specialist, and drew top investors, financial experts, businessmen, and crypto specialists from across the region.

On the occasion, Volofinance Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Louis said, “We believe the latest app launch and the partnership agreement with Vlado Brokers will usher in a new era for Volofinance and its fast-growing list of customers. We are laser-focused on giving our customers best-in-class service with the help of cutting edge technology and the right partners so they can grow their portfolios and incomes.” 

Volofinance holds up to US$100 million in funds and is recognised by 4,000+ esteemed clients worldwide. The company uses a unique AI trading strategy called Hawkeye Technology to generate approximately 22% monthly profits with strict risk management for its clients.

Louis added: “The Volofinance App is ideal for beginners and professional investors and simultaneously helps users grow their financial knowledge of metals, forex as well as crypto. Furthermore, new users can enter the market with just $100 and withdraw their funds swiftly and whenever needed.”

The new App has an intuitive and powerful interface and will provide users interested in investing within the financial markets with an exhaustive list of investment portfolios. Volofinance’s innovative smart portfolios are ready-made and fully allocated and utilise cutting-edge technology to pick the best-performing assets while minimising long-term risk. 

Additionally, the latest partnership with Vlado Brokers will offer Volofinance’s clients easy and transparent market access to help them pursue their financial goals. Vlado is a licensed and regulated online trading and investment specialist registered in the UK and regulated by FINTRAC (Canada) and ASIC (Australia).

The event provided an opportunity to stamp Volofinance’s reputation by forging direct connections with its target market and showcasing tangible results that the company has acquired for existing customers. 

It is estimated that the number of global crypto owners will reach 1 billion by the end of 2022. The global crypto population increased by +178% in 2021, rising from 106 million in January to 295 million in December.

Vantage Market Research’s recent analysis of the Global Cryptocurrency Market finds that the rise in demand for Cryptocurrency Market among financial institutions, banks, and untapped potential in developing economies are likely to provide lucrative opportunities for the expansion of the market during 2022-2028. As a result, the total Global Cryptocurrency Market is estimated to reach US$2.302.5 billion by 2028.

The magnificent event drew a slew of businesspersons, the UAE’s top investors, financial gurus, and NFT experts and turned out to be a mega success. Established in 2018, Volofinance provides the best investment strategy to investors who want to make money from the forex markets hassle-free. Headquartered in DIFC, Dubai, the company aspires to go global and become the leading fund manager in the region.


About Volofinance

Established in 2018, Volofinance is an asset management financial service provider adopting a professional asset management model to ensure investors’ stable and high-profit passive income. Headquartered in DIFC, Volofinance holds up to 100 million USD in funds and is recognised by 4000+ esteemed clients worldwide.

Based on the scientific trading concept, Hawkeye Trading AI, systematic technical analysis, and financial experts with years of fund management experience, Volofinance provides the best forex and cryptocurrency fund management service for investors Global Worldwide.

Volofinance has partnered with Vlado Brokers, a brokerage platform jointly regulated by some of the largest regulatory authorities around the world. Visit https://volo.finance/

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