Business adoption of cloud-based applications on the rise in the UAE

Business adoption of cloud-based applications on the rise in the UAE

Xebia to outline the smarter, faster, and more cost-efficient opportunities of the cloud while underscoring the challenges of implementation and how to overcome them

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 30 August 2022: Leading global IT consultancy, Xebia, will extoll the importance of data-driven transformation as businesses across the UAE accelerate their digital initiatives and the adoption of cloud-based applications, in line with the growing trend of work-from-anywhere teams.

A trio of Xebia experts will be speaking at the forthcoming event, IT Transformed: Data-driven transformation, which is slated to take place tomorrow, 31 August at The Address Boulevard, Dubai. Panellists include Shankar Garg, Managing Director, MEA; Bharat Srivastav, Global Head – Partnerships & Alliances; and Ram Narasimhan, Global Head of AI and Cognitive Services, who will outline the pros of utilising the cloud, including working smarter, faster and more cost-efficiently while also highlighting the challenges.

“Organisations across the UAE are accelerating their digital initiatives and the adoption of cloud-based applications to power their work-from-anywhere teams. There are, however, challenges to achieving this,” said Garg.

“Insufficient migration capabilities, managing multi-cloud complexity, unpredictable application performance and security continue to be roadblocks for organisations as data moves back and forth between corporate networks and the cloud,” he added.

According to the Markets and Markets MEA Cloud Computing Report, the UAE’s cloud computing market is expected to grow from US14.2 billion in 2021 to US31.4 billion by 2026. Furthermore, according to McKinsey Digital, the global market for enterprise IT services is worth US2.4 trillion, indicating cloud computing still has a wealth of room for growth.

The increase is expected to come to fruition on the back of an uptick of businesses in the region transforming processes, data centres, departments, and even entire companies with technology.

With ever-changing business demands, including anywhere-anytime access, IT departments are strategically positioned to rapidly deploy efficient solutions to support organisational growth and innovative initiatives relating to flexibility, scalability, cost reduction, and faster time to market.

Commenting on the benefits of Cloud implementations, Srivastav said; “At Xebia, it is our endeavour to empower clients achieve their business goals. We provide a range of services to support businesses moving to the cloud or optimising existing cloud platforms whereby amplifying their RoI.”

In addition to cloud, Xebia also operates in other digital domains such as Data and AI, Agile, Software Technology and DevOps, helping UAE businesses accelerate innovation performance.

Concluding, Narasimhan, said: “From business and government organisations to utilities and hospitality, we seek to empower our clients with intelligent data analytics solutions to realise their goals. As a global service provider, our teams provide guidance and expertise needed to consult, engineer and build scalable artificial intelligence platforms and machine learning implementations on big data stack to drive business outcomes. Through our world-class people, partnerships, services and delivery solutions, we help businesses run smarter and healthier.”


About Xebia

Xebia is a global Full Stack Software Engineering, IT Strategy and Digital consulting company, enabling digital transformation of enterprises using the latest technology and methodologies. It is a 5200+ group of pioneering go-getters and dreamers, spread across the globe with 500+ customers. Xebia experts specialize in Data & AI, Cloud, DevOps, Business Agility, Security, Training & Learning, Software Development, Product Management and Quality Improvement. It promotes digital transformation and brings IT solutions to the table.

Xebia services include working from the start to the finish line—analysing in-depth customer requirements and providing solutions to drive a business. Additionally, it provides cutting-edge tools and training services to bring out the full potential of a business. Xebia has a strong presence in the USA, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, the Nordics, Poland, UK, Middle East, South Africa, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, India, Singapore, Vietnam and Australia.

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