Meet the woman behind Dolce E Fiore, Dubai’s newest upscale floral brand

Meet the woman behind Dolce E Fiore, Dubai’s newest upscale floral brand

There can be so many reasons why entrepreneurship attracts a lot of people.  The decision to start a business could come from a new idea, or via influence, or for most – that overarching drive to transform one’s enthusiasm into a profitable venture.  For SamaSoltan, the call to steering her own business ship had always persisted but she was wise enough to know that there are crucial steps to take along the way in order to succeed.

SamaSoltan is the Founder and CEO of Dolce E Fiore, an upscale floral boutique based in Dubai known for luxuriously elegant handcrafted arrangements and a well-curated collection of treats, including dates, nuts and chocolates.  Originally from Iran, Sama knew that creating something beautiful would be a big part of her life.  She was always drawn to anything related to beauty, fashion, design and décor.  Early on in her career, her entrepreneurial spirit already shone when she ventured into a buy-and-sell business while working full-time.  This only gave her that greater urge to nurture the entrepreneur within her, having been inspired by the many successful business people she had encountered at her workplace.  She moved to Vancouver, Canada to pursue a diploma course in international business management.Family life had then given Sama the opportunity to travel to the UAE and live in Dubai. It did not take long for her to recognize the endless opportunities the country has to offer to create and build something new. 

“I am very fortunate to be in the right city when the opportunity to start a business came.  On top of having the customer base we target, Dubai has a very business-friendly environment and I must say that the ease of doing business in this emirate is just incredible,” Sama said.  “I take my hats off to the government for the many initiatives they have been putting into place in order to promote a culture of entrepreneurship and make the operations of businesses easier and better.  Sure, there were the usual pitfalls at the start but Dubai has always strived – and thrived – to boost the odds of more entrepreneurial success over time.”

As Sama explained, the name ‘Dolce E Fiore’ – which means ‘sweets and flowers’ – is an invitation to indulge your senses as you celebrate life’s biggest moments and most precious joys.  Inaugurated at the end of first quarter of this year, Dolce E Fiore is located in the Avenue Mall in NadAlsheba, Dubai.

“Dolce E Fiore is pretty new in the market, yet I’m proud to say that we have so far earned a pretty good number of loyal customers who turn to us for all their floral and gifting needs.  We also do bespoke services – with a team of highly-creative designers and florists, we can take on any projects, be it individual orders or for events, no matter the size.  We also have customers from the other Emirates as our flowers and gift hampers are available to shop online, with same-day delivery across the UAE,” Sama added.

For Sama, staying on top of industry trends is vital to keeping her business competitive. “Online shopping has long been popular amongst UAE consumers even before the pandemic.  We do acknowledge this retail trend that is why this was a major consideration when we were drawing up our business plan.  For Dolce E Fiore, having an online store is vital to our pursuit of business growth.  At our web shop, we do ensure a seamless experience for our customers where they can easily browse through our product catalogue, complete with price points and visual representations, and many other vital information about the company should they need.  Same day delivery is also available across the UAE,” she explained further.

Another trend that Sama caught on early is a global floral movement where flower shops and restaurants or cafes fuse together in one space. 

Yes, the Dolce E Fiore store has an interesting feature – a charming coffee shop in the corner where we serve a wonderful selection of hot or cold beverages and a delectable range of luscious cakes and pastries.  This is in keeping with our commitment to go an extra mile to serve our customers.  We have designed a cozy space for them where they can relax while waiting for their arrangements to be completed, or just to hang around and enjoy the vibrant pops of colour and absolute loveliness within the store.  I’m simply proud of our store’s purposeful design, especially with a recent recognition accorded us – Dolce E Fiore has been shortlisted for the Commercial Interior Design Awards 2022 under the category Interior Design of the Year – Retail.  We also have a dedicated and professionally-trained barista at the coffee shop so you can be assured that you are getting premium drinks and customers can enjoy our goodies as grab-and go,” Sama revealed.

Looking ahead, Sama sees Dolce E Fiore to takeoff further, primarily by focusing on key strategies. “We also do events and we undertake corporate partnerships, and I’d like these to a major focus.  I see bright prospects in the hospitality and event sectors, which definitely have been creating increasing demand for flowers and specialized arrangements,” Sama said.  “I’m also confident with our existing corporate partnerships and will continue to pursue other forms of collaboration, wherein Dolce E Fiore becomes the exclusive flower provider/stylist of the business or the establishment – even private villas whose owners want to adorn their space with fresh new arrangements on a regular basis.Additionally, we are partnering too with fashion brands, holiday homes and interior design companies.  The idea of truly transforming Dolce E Fiore to be the brand of choice when it comes to floral arrangements and styling, and gifting – I would love to build on this,” Sama concluded.

For more information about Dolce E Fiore, visit

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