ChatFood Announces its Partnership with Careem Express

ChatFood Announces its Partnership with Careem Express to Provide a Plug-and-Play Delivery Solution for Restaurant Partners in the UAE, KSA and Qatar

August 2022, Dubai, United Arab Emirates UAE-headquartered, omnichannel ordering and data-driven marketing platform, ChatFood, announces its newly reinforced delivery logistic partnership with Careem Express, the logistic arm of the one stop solution app, Careem. The collaboration of two powerhouses will help restaurant merchants access a reliable delivery fleet at the click of a button.

Ayman, the Founder and CEO of Projecto Acai, said: “One-click delivery on ChatFood is a game-changer for us! With no intervention from our side, we instantly gained access to Careem’s delivery fleet, who are now delivering our orders across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, by clicking one button! With ChatFood, we reduced our delivery time by 28% compared to our previous provider in only one month.”

In the Middle East region, logistic-as-a-service has become more challenging and competitive in the past few months, and several logistic providers have decided to refocus their attention to a limited number of verticals generating high volumes. In turn, this has left some businesses, including restaurants, with no solution to deliver their own orders to customers. With hospitality businesses being under increasing cost and labour pressure, it was key for ChatFood to provide a high quality and affordable solution for its merchants with access to delivery on demand.

Dedicated to offering its partners with the technology and solutions needed to deliver guests with a seamless experience at every meal, ChatFood and Careem have made it very easy for partners to get started on commission-free orders delivered by Careem, including a fully-handled set-up with no tedious contract negotiations. By doing this, they enable SMEs access to delivery on demand, even if they cannot afford to have their own fleet. 

Michele, the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Pitfire, also shared: “Using Careem on ChatFood is a breeze. We no longer have to manage separate contracts, negotiations, invoicing and manual order management. Commission-free orders and smooth, on-time delivery is a recipe for success!.”

ChatFood’s co-founder and CEO, Benjamin Mouflard, shares, “Thanks to our partnership with Careem we can offer our restaurant partners an easy, plug-and-play solution, so that they can focus on what they love and do best: cook amazing food and delight their customers. In this time of surging food costs, labor shortage, and increasing commissions for hospitality venues, we know it’s key!” 

ChatFood has already empowered over 3,000 hospitality venues across the Middle East to drive more than $100 million in sales and convert more than 1 million visitors into direct customers, growing at an impressive 260% YoY. On top of its delivery services, ChatFood’s newly launched NFC/QR ordering system has delivered outstanding results for its partners: 35% higher average spend, 3x more tips, and 25% more labor efficiency. This has allowed ChatFood to unlock revenue and margins at a time of surging food costs, labor shortage, and increasing commissions for hospitality venues. 


About Chatfood

ChatFood is an omnichannel ordering and data-driven marketing platform for leading hospitality brands. ChatFood’s mission is to empower hospitality businesses with the best technology to give their guests a seamless, personalized, and rewarding experience at every meal. This in turn ensures business owners get rewarded for their passion and hard work. ChatFood is an official META business partner with exclusive integrations on Instagram and WhatsApp. ChatFood integrates with 100+ POS partners and premium logistic solutions serving over 3,000 venues and leading brands across the GCC. To learn more, visit

About Careem

Careem is the internet platform for the greater Middle East region. A pioneer of the region’s ride-hailing economy, Careem is expanding services across its platform to include mass transportation, delivery and payments to become the region’s everyday SuperApp. Careem’s mission is to simplify and improve the lives of people and build a lasting organisation that inspires. Careem was established in July 2012, and was acquired by Uber in 2020. Careem operates in over 100 cities across 14 countries and has created more than one million employment opportunities in the region.

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